Trump intends to ban German luxury car imports: let Fifth Avenue do not run.

 Trump intends to ban German luxury car imports: let Fifth Avenue do not run.

The picture shows us president Trump and German Chancellor Merkel. (source: the Capitol of the United States)

Overseas network 1 June, foreign media said, President Trump intends to completely ban the import of German luxury cars.

According to CNBC and the German economic weekly, several U. S. and EU diplomatic officials said President Trump revealed the plan to the United States during a state visit to the United States last month. Trump said he would maintain the ban until the Mercedes Benz was not seen on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Previously, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump administration was considering a high tariff on vehicles and parts of imported cars on the grounds of national security, and the tax rate could be as high as 25%.

In the evening of May 23rd, the United States government said that, according to the 232nd article of the Trade Expansion Act, adopted in 1962, the president has the right to levy taxes on goods that endanger national security, a national security survey on imported cars will be carried out. The same provisions were cited in the United States when it imposed global tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products. The same reason is that imported steel and aluminum products endanger the national security of the United States.

In May 31st, the US Commerce Minister, Ross, said the United States will begin to impose 25% and 10% tariffs on steel and aluminum products in the EU, Canada and Mexico, respectively, from June 1st. Ross said President Trump decided not to extend the steel and aluminum tariff exemption period for the three economies of the European Union, Canada and Mexico.

Subsequently, the European Union said it would take immediate measures to retaliate. The government of Mexico threatened to impose tariffs on all products from flat steel to cheese in the United States. The Canadian government announced that it plans to levy a 16 billion 600 million Canadian dollar vindictive tariff on US steel, aluminum and other products from July 1st, and that the Canadian government will continue to impose tariffs as long as the US tariffs remain unchanged.

Trump, a spokesman for Chinas Ministry of foreign affairs, responded in May 24th that Chinas position was against the abuse of national security clause, which would seriously disrupt the multilateral trading system and disrupt the normal international trade order, according to Trump, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, in May 24th. We will pay close attention to the progress made by the US side and conduct a comprehensive assessment of the possible impact. China will firmly defend its legitimate rights and interests.