Let Guan Xiaotong grow stronger and Song Zuer become shorter. This dress is poisonous!

 Let Guan Xiaotong grow stronger and Song Zuer become shorter. This dress is poisonous!

Guan Xiaotong, who can be strong by Tucao, is obviously the real figure of gold. Tall, with a pair of long legs against the sky, there will be clothes that can not hold?

Yi Jies analysis, is originally palm-faced, with long hair and baseball cap covering her face, appears smaller, and the choice of this suit shoulder pad is too broad, head shoulder and upper body than does not seem to coordinate, it will highlight the problem of large skeleton. If it hadnt been for beautiful legs, it would have been even more disastrous.

The same oversize wide-shouldered suit Yang Chao also picks it. She chose to wear a white bottom shirt and socks with thick soles.

Song Zuer, a small flower in clothing online, recently folded it on a profile suit. Black suit with red shoe bag, generous color matching is not dull, but the broad format makes it very difficult for her to control. As we all know, big shoulder pads are very eat neck. Hair shaping, so that the neck length of grandchildren urgent, not showing high spirits.

Another pair, jacket pendulum directly to the knee, with a black yarn skirt, visually lengthening the upper body proportion, looks very short.

How to choose fashionable items in autumn?

Before you start a profile suit, you can look at your head first. Generally speaking, for Asian women, your suit shoulder width is about three heads wide, that is, the ratio of head to shoulder width should be controlled at about 1:2.5. Shoulder padding is not the higher the bigger the better, suitable for your proportion of shoulder padding, it is enough to retro enough moisture, otherwise it is difficult to have aesthetic feeling.

Of course, the bigger the size, the more fashionable it is. In the actual selection, you only need to choose the size that suits you, up to one size. Unfit Daddys suit upper body, it would be like pulling it out of Daddys wardrobe directly.

Loose suits can make people more delicate, while highlighting the slender legs, but for small girls, it is better not to choose too broad suits, really short.

Small girls can choose a relatively straight-barrel short suit, revealing the skin and showing a sense of hierarchy.

If the shoulders are wide, try to choose a larger V-collar, which will reduce the shoulder and enlarge the chest, and achieve visual coordination.

Big-breasted girl, do not buckle suit buttons, otherwise it will appear bloated.

Who is Guxi Fashion Elite Demonstrated by Star Trendsetters?

How to make a silhouette suit fashionable? Star trendsetters from all walks of life have made demonstrations, after all, it is now one of the most popular items.

Liu Wen wears a profile suit outside the show, matching jeans and high-collar shirts casually, with a very fashionable attitude.

Song Yanlin, the new darling in fashion circle, is also very attractive in deducing the profile suit. The key point of her style matching is bold color selection.

In the shape of a wide-shouldered suit, Hailie Baldwin also has a good performance, wearing wide-legged pants with their legs tied up is very innovative.

Tang Yan wears a profile suit and seven-point pants with black socks, which is funny and interesting.

Meng Meiqi wore a jacket with a formal suit. He had a model and a fan. It was really sweet and salt.

Shanzhi elder brother also prefers Gussie, another set of shape, wearing a pink oversize shoulder pad suit, red lips Sunglasses with simple pill head, full of air without losing feminine flavor.

Song Qi is a fashionable person who can wear suits very well. She can always control the proportion just right. She has a sense of retro and fashion, but she will not be strong.

Ouyang Nanas Summer of the Band finals, bright orange shoulder-padded suit with white sneakers, free and easy girl in the light and shadow show the frank side.

Jiang Shuying wears a gray shoulder-padded suit with a cartoon printed white T and fringed hot pants. He is handsome and handsome.

Rihanna, who is quite sensitive to the trend, uses satin skirt with beige wide shoulder suit to elegantly upgrade in an instant.

Stealing a teachers sister-in-law, Guxi with a pair of high-profile high-heeled shoes, can also make you the king of street photography.

Suit + trousers

The suit jacket with the same color suit pants shows a high fashion sense. It is also the favorite of the fashionable people. When you wear the suit, its 2.8 meters in an instant.

Western jeans, mix the best CP, out of the street cool to no friends!

Underwear shorts and long profile suit are also good choices to play Underwear is missing and show off beautiful legs.

It is also a hot single item of cycling trousers, in addition to matching T-shirts, sanitary clothes, in addition to the outside with a suit jacket is also a very bright choice. Girls with slender legs can try this combination to protrude their legs.

Suit + skirt

The profile suit + skirt is a super leg length wear method, with sports shoes, neutralize the formal sense of suit, personality aging.

Its also a good choice to wear a long dress inside. Its more layered, simple and convenient, and it can make people feel that they have put their heart into matching again.

Plus Careful Machine

Because Daddys suit will give people a very mans feeling, add some small mind accessories can be softened a lot. For example, silk scarf, silk scarf with soft silk on the western outline, the collision of the two styles can better show the handsome side of girls.

Exaggerated earrings can also add a lot to fashion. In French dressing, when matching with a suit jacket, earrings, necklaces and other accessories have a strong sense of existence, and texture accessories can be more exquisite.

In addition to leather bags, you can also boldly try PVC bags, early autumn visual cooling effect first-class. But when you hang up your waistband, you must not hang loosely on your waist. You must lift your waistline upward so that you can stretch your height.

Suit is a real rebellious dress

Before the change of Guxi, we all had an old-fashioned understanding of suits and promoted popular fashion items. In fact, the significance of suits in the fashion world is far more than that. Looking back on history, suits are one of the truly rebellious clothes.

Its nothing new for women to wear suits, but not just because of fashion. The suit was originally designed for noble mens communication. The history of women wearing suits is much more complicated than men.

In 1885, British tailor John Redfern, inspired by the suit of a gentleman, made a self-cultivating ladys jacket for Princess Louise of Wales. The first ladys suit was born in history. However, this is just a whim of the Royal dress, not a real sense of womens suit.

Until 1914, Coco Chanel, who advocated feminism, abandoned the idea that women should wear skirts and got creative ideas from mens clothes. With tweed suit design, she relaxed waist restraint, increased the sense of rigidity, and created the first prototype of womens suit.

In the era when women only wear skirts, Coco Chanel added Blazer to the womens wear series, introduced womens trousers, and opened the era of womens trousers.

By 1930, womens pants were becoming popular. Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich has brought more suits to millions of women and inspired different views on fashion.

In 1966, Western feminism revived and womens voice increased. Yves Saint Laurent brought the brightest and most sensational design in his life - smoking clothes, which completely ignited the revolution of womens fashion.

In the 1970s, suits began to go wild. Each suit has two huge shoulders, making the people wearing it look powerful and powerful.

After the 1990s, women have enough self-confidence and strength, no longer need a suit coat to arm and prove their authority. Women can choose soft pink, printed patterns and female tailoring. They can match suits with lace suspenders, silk jackets and skirts in various styles. The PowerSuit Age is over.

Nowadays, suits are just like ordinary clothes for women. They are the fashion of free choice. It can appear as a fashion item out of the street without any thoughts and emotions, independent spirit and womens empowerment.