Bergba was racially discriminated against: kill the chimpanzee! Dirty nigger!

 Bergba was racially discriminated against: kill the chimpanzee! Dirty nigger!

Bogba Inertial Loss Point X4! Regret facial expression Pack + no face to see people. Celebrity Fury: selfish!

It is undeniable that Bogba was the main culprit of Uniteds failure to win, and after the game, Bogba also looked very upset. After the game, the harsh Manchester United fans naturally launched a social media bombardment of Bogba. For a while, things like Bogba, you damn nigger. Youre a dirty nigger, Kill that chimpanzee... Such racial discrimination and death threats permeate the entire social media.

As we all know, Bogba has become a hot potato in the transfer market this summer. With Manchester United unable to compete in the Champions League and wages down by 25%, it is no longer a secret that Bogba wants to leave. At this stage, a number of big clubs, including Real Madrid and Juventus, are still keen on Bergba. Under such circumstances, Manchester United fans will naturally be angry at Bergbas disloyalty. At the moment, Bogba wasted another great opportunity at 12 yards, and no wonder United fans were so angry.

At the same time, the Sun also pointed out that in recent years, cyber violence against football players has been emerging. Not long ago, in the European Super Cup, Chelsea striker Abraham was criticized by numerous fans in the social media for missing a penalty kick. This time, Manchester Uniteds King of Heaven has become the target of abuse and racial discrimination.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Liangcha Responsible Editor: Liu Dang_NS4812