Chinese female engineer was burned in Singapore: the murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment

 Chinese female engineer was burned in Singapore: the murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment

Qiu Guifu, 51, was accused of murdering Cui Yajie, a 31-year-old Chinese engineer.

Overseas Network, Aug. 20, a few days ago, Cui Yajie, a Chinese engineer who made a sensation in Singapore, was formally convicted of the murder of a Singapore man, Qiu Guifu, and Qiu Guifu was sentenced to life imprisonment. In addition to escaping the death penalty, he also escaped the whipping for being over 50 years old.

According to foreign media reports such as Straits Times and 8 Horizons, Singapore High Court Judge Lin Yinqian said on the morning of 19 local time that the death penalty would only be imposed if the offender showed malice or flagrant disregard for human life. But in this case, there is no evidence that the defendant had planned to kill Cui Yajie when he met her on the day of the crime. In addition, the prosecution did not ask for the death penalty of the accused, but for life imprisonment. The prosecution pointed out that the defendant had completely destroyed the body, so it was difficult to judge the extent of his violence against the deceased.

The case was opened in March this year and 11 days of trial were held. In July this year, Qiu Guifu was convicted of murder by the local high court. New media said it was the second case in Singapores judicial history that the defendant was convicted of murder without finding the body of the deceased.

Qiu Guifu (Xinming Daily)

Cui Yajie, a Chinese woman who was killed, worked as an engineer in a semiconductor company, according to new media reports earlier. The court disclosed that Qiu Guifu had lied to Cui Yajie from the very beginning. He was married and had a 12-year-old son, but he had been lying about being single. In addition, he had borrowed 20,000 yuan from Cui Yajie, claiming to use it to invest in gold. Then he took 10,000 yuan from another lover who had an extramarital affair and returned it to Cui Yajie.

Tuyuan: Lianhe Zaobao

Qiu Guifu admitted that there were at least four extramarital affairs at that time, but he had claimed in court that he and Cui Yajie were just friends and did not know that she had feelings for herself. On July 12, 2016, that is, the day of the crime, Cui Yajie said he wanted to expose the lie to his company, but was later taken by Qiu Guifu to a black BMW. They had a dispute in the car. Finally, Qiu Guifu strangled Cui Yajie with his hand. More cruelly, after driving back to his apartment with the body of the deceased and leaving each other in his car that night, Qiu Guifu decided to burn the body. He bought a lot of charcoal and kerosene, burned it for three days and nights to ensure the complete destruction of the body and scattered her ashes into the sea.

Qiu Guifus lawyer quoted a private medical report saying that the defendant suffered from intermittent mania and was suddenly irritable. A doctor also confirmed that Qiu Guifus wife had also applied for a personal protection order because of domestic violence for up to two years. It is reported that Qiu Guifu was imprisoned for 16 months for dishonesty in 2011.

Judge Lin Yinqian said earlier that she would not accept the accuseds statement that only the body was burned in order to make the victim die well, nor that he and Cui Yajie were not lovers, nor that Cui Yajie had violence against him in the car. Although accepting that the defendant suffered from intermittent mania, Lin Yinqian said that it would affect his judgment when committing a crime is not convincing enough. (Overseas Network Zhang Nei)

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