Zhang Zhihengs fiancee would like to go forward with him, hoping that netizens would not insult their sons

 Zhang Zhihengs fiancee would like to go forward with him, hoping that netizens would not insult their sons

Netease Entertainment reported on August 20, Beijing time. According to Hong Kong media reports, Steven announced that he and Wen Wen had given birth to a son and they were going to get married, but it was immediately revealed that he had not broken up with Zhengyin Liang Hao-en (April), and was entangled with many women, making a five-boat trip. Peach disputes, image fell to the bottom. He has publicly apologized to Liang Hao-en and stressed that Wen Wen never threatened him with children, pleading with netizens not to make innocent Wen Wen and children. Zhang Zhiheng was pointed out by Qianfu that Wen Wen again stood up for him in Instagram (IG) the night before last (August 18). She said that there was no right or wrong in her emotions. Even if she was not praised and scolded, she chose to follow him hard. She only hoped that everyone would stop hurting and insulting children.

Liang Haoen, who lives with Zhang Zhiheng, was sadly shut up for more than 20 days after learning about her cheated feelings. She recently reported on the social network that the incident had hit her hard, but she appreciated the concern and sympathy of all parties. Zhang Zhihengs fiancee Wenwen posted a warm picture of her son on the social network, leaving a message saying that it was enough to know the truth. Now the most important thing is to face it firmly and move on.

How can the death penalty be imposed before the opportunity is given?

The night before last (August 18), Wen Wen wrote another dynamic article in IG. She said, Nobody in the world can do anything wrong. You and I will all be wrong. As for whether it is worth forgiving, everyone will have different opinions, and I think that before giving them a chance, they will be sentenced to death. Emotional affairs have never been right or wrong, I think it is worth continuing, even if the world does not like to scold here, I choose to work hard with him.

I hope my beloved child has room for growth.

Wen Wen escorted Zhang Zhiheng and asked you to let go of your innocent son. She went on to write: As for how children grow up, happy or unhappy, good or bad, neither you nor I can make a conclusion. Since he has come to this world, he gives space to walk his life, so I hope you can stop. To hurt and insult a kid who has only one naive heart, no matter how unpleasant things happen, is a kid with a smile. I still believe that everyone has a good heart.

In fact, Wen Wen has opened her voice more than once after the accident. I hope you can give them space to learn to be parents.

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