Tomorrows son Veegee regrets that Sun Yanzi invited her to be a concert guest

 Tomorrows son Veegee regrets that Sun Yanzi invited her to be a concert guest

Netease Entertainment reported on August 19 that the 9th program of Tomorrows Son was over and the top four contestants were selected. Zhang Yuqi, Hong Yinuo, Feng Xiyao and BY2 finally stayed on the final stage. Among the eliminated players, Li Zelong and Ye Yuhan belong to those who have strong personal style and are very firm in their original line. Their future is worth honing and looking forward to. Veegee Xu Ruoqiao eventually won the seventh place in the praise list and was eliminated. Fans cried at the scene and netizens complained for her.

Veegee and Feng Xiyaos Ticket Exchange Storm

The eighth phase of the program believes that we all remember vividly that the program group got the wrong number of votes, so that Veegee won fourth place and Feng Xiyao fifth, and this time, let the netizens crazy to Tucao, for Feng Xiyaos grievance, the name of Veegees geese comes one after another. Before Lenovo, the program group sent Zhou Zhennan, the C-member of the highly popular R1SE mens group, to help her, which made netizens and fans think there was a dark screen; obviously, after the restart of the zero votes, Feng Xiyao came second, while Veegee came seventh, which was deeply affected by the incident, if this incident directly led to her elimination. Not too much.

Tomorrow, 9-4, True Live Broadcast to Change Accident Site

This live broadcast, netizens also lamented the role of a million phonetics practitioners, mainly because compared with previous broadcasts, the playersvoice stability has been compromised. Fortunately, the players have their own characteristics, basically reflect their own style, adhere to their own music choices, it is no regret. Veegee, as always, continues her own characteristics and talks about her world like an elf. The original song chosen this time may not be the best, but it can be said to be stable. But in the end, its hard to change the result in such a short period of time.

Sun Yanzis surprise! Song Dandan was in tears.

When the scene knew that Veegee ranked seventh, Sun Yanzis expression could not hide her loss. When the announcement was eliminated, the star pushers could no longer hide their love for talent and love. Teacher Sun Yanzi said, Everyone likes you very much all the time. I hope you can keep blooming on the stage. Can you stand on the stage of my concert next year? Its a great affirmation and support for Veegee. Teacher Song Dandan choked and said, At this age, I may forget many things, but Veegee, I will never forget you, you are the most special one.

Veegees constant attempts and breakthroughs in the program have been unanimously recognized by the Star Push Officer. She has found self-confidence, determined her direction, and gradually won herself. She was born on the stage! This is an era of expressors. Everyone has the freedom to show himself. Stages like this will enable us to discover the strength of more young people and see more hope and direction of Chinese music.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952