Bogba Inertial Loss Point X4! Regret facial expression Pack + no face to see people. Celebrity Fury: selfish!

 Bogba Inertial Loss Point X4! Regret facial expression Pack + no face to see people. Celebrity Fury: selfish!

In the 67th minute, Bogba burst into the penalty area and dribbled the ball past Wolves centre-back Caudi, who tripped over him. The referee did not hesitate to award a penalty. It was Manchester Uniteds second consecutive penalty shoot-out in a draw. In the last match against Chelsea, United made a penalty by Rushford and scored a 1-0 lead at a disadvantage. They thought it would continue to be Rushfords penalty kick, but Bogba stood in front of the penalty kick.

Last season, Bogbas penalty kick was once a hot topic in the English media. His Grandmas Little Step approach was criticized as a sensation, affecting his shoot-out percentage. Bogba learnt his lesson. There was no small run-up in the penalty kick, but his shot hit the left middle and was a half-high ball. This is the goalkeepers favorite way to shoot a penalty. As long as the judgement is accurate, it is generally impossible to get in. Wolves goalkeeper Patricio judged that the ball was saved accurately.

This is the fourth penalty that Bergba has missed since last season. The number of penalties is the 1st in the Premier League. It seems that the number of penalties has nothing to do with whether or not he runs in small steps. Since last season, Bergba has taken 11 penalties in the Premier League, which is the most in the Premier League, but only 7 of them have hit, with a shoot-out rate of only 63%. And Rushfords penalty kicks in the clubs and national teams of the adult team are 100% of the shoot-outs. Why not let Rushford take such a key penalty is really incomprehensible. Who created the penalty kick and who took it?

Gary Neville, a well-known commentator and Manchester United resident, criticized Solskjaer and Bogba after the game. He said: If you are a manager, you have to solve problems in the dressing room instead of letting players negotiate on the court. It looks bad. Rushford has scored some fantastic penalties, Solskjaer must be tough enough, he must tell Bogbalashford is the first penalty shooter, so that the team will have more chances to win the game, and Bogba should know how to concede.

As we all know, Solskjaer is very fond of Bogba and will meet his requirements. Because of the fear of Wolvescounter-attack ability, Bogba was placed behind the back of the game. There was little chance to play in the front. The penalty kick in the 67th minute was the first time that Bogba entered the Wolves restricted area in the first sports game. Bogba was not comfortable playing in the game. Perhaps it was for this reason that Solskjaer did not designate Rushford as the first penalty kicker, but his behaviour led to the loss of Uniteds victory. Rushford confirmed after the game that Bogba strongly demanded the penalty. Solskjaer also revealed that it was decided by Bogba and Rushford who would be the penalty kicker.

After missing the penalty, Bogbas frustration was written on his face, but he should have known better than to take the penalty. Sky Sports specially analyzed Bogbas penalty kick after Bogba missed a penalty in Everton last October. At that time, when the youth team and the adult team were removed, Bogbas penalty shoot-out percentage was only 62.5%, while in the regular time of football match, the shoot-out percentage was about 72%, penalty shoot-out war. Bogbas shoot-out percentage is about 65%, which is lower than the two average.

In the analysis of Sky Sports at that time, Bogba had five penalties on the left side of the goal in the adult teams official match, and only two shots were made in three shots. Obviously, Bogbas penalty shooting on the left side of the goal was very unreliable, and Bogbas choice of shooting direction was on the other side. In the big data age, Bergba himself may not be clear about his penalty shooting. He may have practiced shooting on the left side of the goal, but at least the level of the field is still very poor.

Bogbas skill and strength are no problem, but from Juventus to Manchester United, penalties have been terrible for many years, and it is not known whether the next penalty will be taken by Manchester United, whether he will continue to take the penalty, or whether he will continue to try with his personality or probability.

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