Ren Zhengfeis latest e-mail: when employees are in danger, to do their job well is to join the war

 Ren Zhengfeis latest e-mail: when employees are in danger, to do their job well is to join the war

Netease Technology News August 20 News Huawei Xinsheng Community released Ren Zhengfeis latest e-mail issued by the president. Ren Zhengfei said that the company is now in a critical situation, the first is to call on everyone to make contributions, and the second is to select outstanding personnel as soon as possible to increase the organizations blood circulation. The vast majority of employees should be calm as water. To do their job well is to join the war.

Ren Zhengfei stressed that Huawei operator BG does not make major reform, the proposed reform plan allows different regional departments to have different opinions. Its not my speech that counts. The most important thing is to win the battle in the end.

Following is Ren Zhengfeis speech at the Operator BG Organizational Change Seminar.

Ren Zhengfeis Speech at the Operator BG Organizational Change Seminar

Songshan Lake, 19-20 July 2019

The purpose of our reform is to simplify the management of operations and simplify the level of operations. The right should hear the sound of gunfire, and the money should reflect the will of the company. We should not only give power to the front, give them combat power, campaign power and strategic preparatory power within a certain range, but also assume responsibility and balance, so as to be conducive to combat. In the future, we will have a multi-BG system, and the role of multi-BG convergence in the region will be strengthened, not weakened. There should be coordination and assessment of all BGs in the regional departments.

These two days are meetings on the reform of representative offices, which mainly regulate the operational power of representative offices and system departments. CNBG and regional ministries do not make major reforms, and the proposed reform plan allows different regional ministries to have different opinions. Its not my speech that counts. The most important thing is to win the battle in the end.

1. The reform will be carried out in three steps: the first step is to make clear that the representative office is the battle center; the BG of the government and the BG of the regional ministries shall jointly build a transparent resource center and capability Center for the representative office; the resource center shall be operated and assessed through the market mechanism, and the capability Center shall be based on the achievement of strategic objectives and the operation and assessment of the market mechanism; the second step is to reform the place. The third step is to reform the organs.

1. The first step in the reform is to change the mode of operation. The representative office becomes the center of operation and profit. 70% of the projects of the representative office are mature expansion projects. Operational command is delegated to the system Department of the representative office. Operational resources and capabilities are acquired step by step, and decision-making is closed-loop.

First, for a long time, we have asked those who can hear the sound of guns to call for gunfire. For so many years, we have no idea how to let them call for gunfire. Last December, the first reform conference of Argentina, the four representative offices of Argentina, Costa Rica, Namibia and Botswana only reformed the distribution mechanism, and did not reform the operational mechanism. Ding Yun proposed that in the future, operational command of mature projects should be delegated to representative offices and systems departments, which accounted for about 70% of the total number of representative offices. Of course, we would like to delegate it directly to the Department of Systems, but is the organizational construction of the Department completed? In the past, all representative offices were used as mother-in-law to take over the world. Now let mother-in-law and daughter-in-law use their power together. Exploration in one or two years, mature a system department on the authorization of a system department, to the system department directly authorized. In the future, we will be a two-tier operational organization: one is the system Department of the representative office, the other is the field force of BG.

Why is Reform Document VIII (Operational Command of the Pilot Representative Office for Contract Closing) adopted at this meeting important? To clarify what authority the combat center has and how to delegate operational command of mature operations to representative offices. After two or three years of continuous optimization, we may be able to find an optimal mode of operation.

Secondly, the company has initially worked out the forecasting plan for grain bags in all representative offices around the world, which is just throwing bricks. Each representative office will go back to calculate its own accounts, allow one country, one system, allow differences and allow you to put forward opinions. If you think its cost-effective, reform slowly; if you think its not good, you can play games with companies and regional departments and give reasons for changing the number of food bags. Such digital reform will be scientific; once the representative office is reformed, the staff will be streamlined, and the baseline of the reform will be calculated at the end of 2018. The simplified grain bags for the first half of the year are left to you. Its not until 2019 that we start to calculate. Otherwise, we will not be enthusiastic. We will delay the reductions of overstaffed institutions until 2019.

Thirdly, we believe that representative offices with stable political and market environments can strengthen the pace of localization. Local staff should be used more in certainty work, and Chinese staff can be concentrated in the strategic mobile forces of the regional departments. Because using a local employee saves a part of the financial costs, the money saved is the new grain bag, which can be used for distribution, so the representative office will find ways to use people scientifically.

For representative offices with poor market environment and conditions, such as not being able to repay in time, currency difficulties or in extreme political environment, under the premise of legitimate compliance, more Chinese employees should be used and less local employees should be used. Once we need to temporarily close our markets in these countries, leaving a small number of local maintenance personnel, others can withdraw in time to avoid the companys hard consumption there.

Fourth, I am glad to hear your report. Many aspects have been sorted out, unlike previous responsibilities, responsibilities and powers. Next, the representative office of the reform, CNBG should choose carefully. It can start with the representative office which is easy to reform, and it will be confident once it succeeds. If the hard-to-change representative first encounters a wall, it is easy to lose confidence that the hero will die before he learns from the teacher. In my opinion, small countries can be liberalized and decided by the various regional ministries themselves. For example, many countries in Latin America can carry out comprehensive reforms according to the representative offices of small countries. Big countries should not choose too many. After two or three countries with mature conditions and similar business environment change first, the most important thing is to get a model, they can promote it.

2. The second step is to reform the regional ministries. Regional departments are responsible for the formulation and implementation of regional strategies, providing regional combat resources, operational capabilities and administrative service platforms.

First, the regional ministries should do a good job in building war zones. This is the same as the military reform of the U.S. Army. The five major branches of the U.S. Army are the main organizations, but they have no right to deploy troops. There are nine combat centers and no troops, but they have the right to command operations. Of course, we do not have the problem of regime and allow the representative office to support troops, but the representative office should strengthen the warhead and support the elite soldiers. The representative office can not allocate resources according to the peak value of its business. The other resources and capacity centers are responsible for cutting the peak and filling the valley.

Secondly, the regional ministries are responsible for complex coordination and services, and have the power to aggregate. Each BG can not bypass the regional ministries in their own way. We can learn from the U.S. military and set up joint operations centers in the regional departments to coordinate the BGs. In addition to the current reform of CNBG, EBG and CBG will also be included in the future. Vertical to the central combat capability, if the region can not be coordinated, globalization can not be unified command, then the company will split into princes.

Thirdly, I think that the president of the regional department is in charge of total wealth rather than general decision-making. Militarists may not always shoot because of the different division of responsibilities among different posts. The president of the regional department should change his role and clarify his responsibilities. He should not always want to take charge of the following specific projects. He should not only rush to the front line and shoot two shots. What is the main building? Only when the team is well organized can we fight. If you do a good job in service and ability, you are all contributors. As we all know, before the Second World War, the U.S. Army could hardly fight. They learned to fight in the war, and now they are the strongest army in the world. The U.S. Army takes battalions, regiments and other grass-roots units as its unit, and its combat capability is so strong. This is our companys goal. Thats why we have to follow the line of village self-fight, self-fight. Therefore, the decentralization of the regional authorities, it is possible to smoke the smoke of heroes everywhere. What we need is a double hero, not a generation of heroes to transform the universe.

However, for major battles, the regional departments still need to take charge of them, but the methods of doing so need to be changed. Beyond the scope of the representative offices ability, the transfer of power from one level to another is a very good practice of Guangdong public security. This case should be written out and shared.

Of course, it is not necessarily correct to throw a brick at the reform plan of the regional ministries. We will fully discuss it for one year and meet again in June next year to determine the implementation rules. Discussions refer to the fact that everyone can express opinions without any authority and that different regional departments can have different structural plans. Next year, after the scientific reform of the war zone, the war zone will be thin, and the surplus personnel will be crowded into the Sakata organs and the internal talent market to find jobs. When the organs begin to slim down, it may be difficult for some people to take the road.

3. The third step is to reform the organs, which should take the lead in opposing the establishment of repetitive platforms and repetitive labor.

Firstly, why are organs so overwhelmed? Repeated platform construction and increased repetitive labor are actually creating employment opportunities. This responsibility is borne by the cadre ministers. We have begun to hold them accountable. In the past, everyone thought of organs, because they were close to the water terrace, promoted quickly and lived a stable life. Are organs not allowed to be so large and eat so much grain in wartime? We will gradually reduce duplicate work. There are two ways out for those who do duplicate work: first, to form death squads to attack new projects, and may become company commanders after making meritorious achievements; second, to find jobs in the internal talent market, and if they cant find jobs, to reduce first-class wages every three months.

From now on, the cadre ministers of the first-level departments report their duties every three months. If they cant find a duplicate platform and a place where people are floating around, they will be demoted, demoted and demoted. You dont have to find your own department. Finding other departments is also a pass. These repetitive platforms need to be merged compulsorily. If you want to find a solution, who will take the lead after the merger depends on who has the right idea of reform. We will have a competent cadre to temporarily hold a full-time post, allowing you to run for deputy or assistant. Of course, this refers to the cadres of the organs, excluding the regional departments, which are now in a period of chaotic reform. It is understandable that more manpower is needed.

Secondly, a large number of generals are in the front line, not in the office. We must establish this policy. Most of the cadres in the organs should be transferred to professional posts, allowing the organs to have senior experts, but in order to circulate examination, assessment and frontline evaluation, the people with power must be in the front line. Optimum selection in the cycle and elimination in the cycle. The ranks of the organs are too high. We should compromise for one or two years before we reform them.

We organize death squads to help front-line operations and win battles. Front-line grass-roots personnel are promoted and promoted more often. People who go down from the organs can get bonus packs. Organs should be careful in their promotion. Otherwise, the organs will raise a large number of generals upside down. Ding Yun stipulates that CNBG has only eight comprehensive management cadres, and all other personnel must go to the battlefield. Only in this way can we make a vigorous charge and tear apart the city wall entrance. If everyone does not want to go to the battlefield, can they tear apart the entrance? Of course, not all of us are required to go to the battlefield, but behind or behind the battlefield. To talk about this concept is to make us really attach importance to this issue.

Organs and organizations should further separate control and resource centers and competency centers. The responsibility of control is to take on the will of groups and companies and manage them by means of appointing posts and organizing management. The responsibility of resource centers is to effectively support operations and to use market mechanism to operate and assess them. The competency centers take on Strategic demands and participate in operations as well as in operations. We should be responsible for the main construction of competence, and adopt competency assessment and market mechanism operation and assessment. The one-step way to acquire capacity and resources is to enter the empty consumption of travel expenses, so that multiple resource centers and competency centers can compete who is more welcome in the future.

2. Guided by the results of responsibility, we should encourage a large number of new leaders to emerge in the battle, so that heroes can multiply and geniuses can come in batches. We should establish a legion battle mode, emphasizing collective struggle, collective merit and collective award.

1. Resolutely follow the road of elite + Elite + staff team construction, and form a warhead + theatre support + strategic resources battle queue.

I have said the general direction of the future. The warhead part should be general with a group of experienced people on the battlefield; the regional part should be the backbone of middle-aged and young people who have strength, experience and are good at gnawing bones; the strategic resource part should be the top elite with low-ranking young and middle-aged groups, forming these three legions.

First, the front line is full of generals, and the major system Department of the representative office should be Major General with a small number of elite soldiers who are good at fighting. Why use senior frontline personnel? One person for several people. Cost-cutting compensation packages are yours, encouraging the active use of local staff to become a competent command center. When artillery is needed, it is redeployed from the capability centre and the resource centre. Therefore, they are Major General with Lieutenant Colonel and Major.

Secondly, apart from senior experts (to be eliminated in a cycle), regional Competency Centers and resource centers are likely to be lieutenants, captains to major, which are complementary combat forces.

Thirdly, the organs will continue to be compressed. In the future, the leaders of generals will lead a group of young people, who will be quasi-lieutenants, junior lieutenants and lieutenants, plus a group of experienced and competent professionals, who may work to the age of 50 or 60.... Young people give opportunities. Young people want to be marshals in the future and write bloodletters every day to go to the battlefield, but not necessarily approved, because there are not so many opportunities in the battlefield. The training of recruits in the strategic reserve team is also in the rear. The strategic reserve team and Huawei University promote training by examinations. The training of recruits should be like the cruel training of West Point Military Academy. Every day they take examinations and learn to shoot guns, and they must shoot guns before they are allowed to go to the front line.

2. Selection of personnel in the front line and promotion in the trenches should focus on contribution, speed up the selection of excellent personnel at the grass-roots level and improve the ranks of the first-line direct combatants in actual combat.

First, we should speed up the promotion of excellent staff at the grass-roots level and select cadres with contribution as the center. In wartime, we can carry out the policy of joining the Party on the front line and promoting the trenches. In times of danger, we can see heroes. We can evaluate the success of the war depending on how well he did. The Human Resources Department can follow up the procedures. This is also the reform of the cadre system. We should dare to promote a group of outstanding young employees in front-line operations. In the process of reorganization, everyone has the opportunity, and it is possible that a small soldier will be promoted to commander. The most important historical juncture is not only the test of heroes, but also of cadres. How to select excellent people within the scope of power, and how to recommend excellent people without power?

I once spoke at CNBG, Under the conditions of abundant food in the representative office, 23-level experts or customer managers are allowed, and then the community shouted a lot of abuse and said resolutely not. He made a mistake. In fact, he meant that he was 23, not 23. The war has been won. Why cant we be promoted to the right level? Why cant we have commanders to select cadres from winning battles? In terms of cadre policy, we are guided by the result of responsibility and put quality orientation after the result of responsibility. If he becomes Commander and fails to pass the exam, he can take it again, but he can make up for it. Cadres can be selected on the battlefield, but it is also necessary to improve their quality. They are not allowed to swear like Li Yunlong. Young cadres are inexperienced and always do one or two wrong things. Now many modules of the company have guidelines. As long as they study carefully, they will soon find ways to do less wrong things. Therefore, the representative office should strengthen the trench to promote outstanding grass-roots employees, grass-roots employees are not necessarily without general seedlings.

Secondly, in the process of this reform, we should attach importance to upgrading the successful personnel. Some representative offices that have succeeded in the reform represent grade 20 and CFO 20. Why cant they go up a little faster? We should raise the rank of the direct combatant. Without a certain rank, he has neither the power to be decisive nor the ability to call for artillery. In my mind, the regional president is equivalent to a first-level department, with R&D, 2012 laboratory, finance and economics... Parallel; Representatives of representative offices are mostly equivalent to the second-level departments, and level with the product line, so that the frontline has the ability to fight and deploy troops. Dont always think that he has no ability, as long as he can complete the project, through the qualifications, can be promoted. If some areas cant really mention it, there are one or two good death squads in the organs. If your representative office is willing to keep him, he will have a chance. If he doesnt, he is still death squad and can only get bonuses.

This market reform is important because 70% of the combat power is delegated to the representative offices, so there are more opportunities to become generals. Through this reform, we will surely be more heroic. Including business continuity research and development, we should also promote a large number of people on a large scale, which is bayonet piercing. This is after the war test. Through 3-5 years, Huawei will change its blood once, so that the organization is full of vitality and fresh blood, including our own blood is activated. It is also a blood exchange. When we get through the most critical period of history, the company will produce a new force, what do you do? Dominate the world.

3. Emphasize team fighting, collective meritorious service, collective awards, from contracted production to cooperative system.

At the report meeting on cadre management, I said a sentence: collective meritorious service, collective awards, a small number of people break the standard. As for continuous warfare, I also mentioned that meritorious awards can be divided into three forms: breaking, passing and receiving bonuses. For example, senior leaders can be promoted to a higher level when participating in warfare; the middle-level battle cadres can break ranks, break two or three, and you can negotiate with them; some of us cant directly interfere with the ranking personnel, first give bonuses, and then participate in the ranking evaluation of the organization.

In the future, the same will be true for every project group. Only by making collective contributions and receiving awards collectively, as in the TV series Top Secret 543, can we avoid contracting production to individuals. The representative offices of Argentina and Costa Rica also made a detour in the early stage. Contracting from one level to another is a retrogression. We should establish a legion mode of operation, emphasizing collective struggle, not just individual struggle. We should not only delegate power to the front, but also contract to individuals at all levels.

4. In addition to the main battle forces, the representative office also needs the support and support forces close to the main battle forces, as well as the logistic support forces.

Firstly, we emphasize that the responsibility of the main battle forces is simplified, that is, to attack the mountains and the Shangganling Mountains. The main battle forces drove the main battle tanks to Shangganling, and other repair vehicles, refueling vehicles, stretchers, shells supply vehicles, steamed bread cars... Support and support departments are responsible, together with logistic support departments. The operational capability of the support and support departments must be excellent, and the orders of the main battle forces must be resolutely implemented to ensure combat effectiveness. For example, the main battle forces send e-mails to support and support departments, requesting that the support resources be delivered to where and how many shells. If the resources are not delivered, the officers in charge of support and support departments should be held accountable.

Secondly, in the future, the promotion speed of the main combatants will be faster than that of the support forces. The main battle force is promoted quickly and paid a lot of money, but he risks a lot. If he fails to do the project well, not only does he not have a bonus, but his brothers will overthrow him. The reason why the army is promoted quickly in the main battle is that there are many sacrifices and vacancies. Therefore, we should have a correct value evaluation system, so that the combat forces have a sense of glory and pride. In the past, the cadre evaluation system always looked horizontally at good speech and good behavior, and then patted the head and promoted. This is an unfair promotion mechanism. Why are young people now on the battlefield? Because only on the battlefield can we succeed, and have the opportunity to become a general at the age of 20 or 30. Of course, there are also promotions in the support team, and they are doing very well.

What we are talking about today is not only about the reform of representative offices, but also about the responsibility of organizational structure construction of our company in the future. We need to clarify the concept of the main battle, especially research and development; CNBG has already cut down some of the non-main battle forces, and distinguish between the main battle forces and the support and support forces. In the future, the main battle force must be a whining elite general, and support the support force industry to be diligent, so that we can form a elite army organization in five years.

Third, the state of war should be both radical and conservative. The market strives to attack forward and strengthen the quality of operation; R&D insists on increasing strategic investment, smashing the sky upwards and taking root downwards.

1. In the market, we should be radical and conservative, improve the quality of operation, and strive to achieve the sales target set at the beginning of the year.

The two most important issues this year are: first, to improve the quality of operation, which is very important to all levels of departments; second, to minimize the gap between the amount of operation and the target of the beginning of the year. Therefore, in the current situation, we should be both radical and conservative. Why radical? As long as we can produce products, as long as we do not restrict the sale of products, you must try to sell them. Only in this way can we give the world confidence in US and increase the confidence of all operators, suppliers, partners and our employees. Why conservative? Dont take too much risk. You cant sell like you used to. If you cant get the money back, why risk it?

First, at present, CNBG has solved most of the problems, and the market should strive to attack forward, so that this year has a good performance. CNBG will give you a form every month to show how many products are available for sale. As long as the number of products is not specified, it means that they can be sold at an expense. Why do we emphasize joining the Party in the front line and promoting the trench? To charge, we must win this war and give you the power to shoot. Whoever contributes greatly will be promoted; whoever does not make money will first investigate the reasons and work hard, but the objective reasons are not good, which is understandable. If it is really because of lack of effort, we should take the lead in laying off representatives and regional departments who are not good at it. This year, the market has remained aggressive in general.

Second, this year, we should not only strive to do a good job in sales, but also pay attention to the quality of the contract, but also pay attention to the repayment. If the sales volume is large, the shipment can not be repaid, and there is no liquidity, the whole company may be dragged down. In the first half of the year, our business looks very good. It should be that the customers in China sympathize with us and pay the goods in time. The sales volume in China is large and the cash flow is high. This does not represent the real situation.

2. In R&D, we should increase strategic investment, strengthen the construction of scientific research team, firmly achieve the root, solve the problem of production continuity in the short term, and dare to lead the direction of industrial development in the long run.

First, this years financial statements may be better. We will continue to increase strategic investment, accelerate the purchase of important equipment and update instruments, spend money and solve the problem of production continuity. We have modern weapons and high-quality personnel. In the current historical period, we should dare to upgrade and replace them when we have the conditions and opportunities.

Secondly, in the technology ports, we should strengthen the continuing authorization, transfer the business command power of R&D to experts, weaken the management power of AT team in R&D field, and the AT team is mainly responsible for organizational construction, assessment and logistics support. Especially in the course of such a big battle, there must be experts.

Thirdly, in the second half of the year, we should also strengthen the introduction of outstanding talents, recruit outstanding scientists, senior experts and young talents all over the world, integrate them into our blood and unswervingly achieve roots and break the sky.

Now the company is at a critical moment. The first is to call on everyone to make contributions. The second is to select excellent personnel as soon as possible to increase the blood circulation of our organization. Every functional department and representative office should think about it. If you think you are not suitable for this position, you can lay off and make way for our tank to go to the battlefield. If you want to go to the battlefield, you can tie a rope to the tank and drag it along. Everyone should have such determination!

The vast majority of employees should be calm as water. To do their job well is to join the war.

Source: Liable Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279