Yanxi Show Fashion Activities Superior Fashion Sense Contracting Attraction

 Yanxi Show Fashion Activities Superior Fashion Sense Contracting Attraction

Netease Entertainment reported on August 19 that Yanxi, a young actor, was invited to attend an offline event of Vogue Salon, an urban fashion space sponsored by VOGUE Fashion and Beauty magazine, which landed in Chongqing. It is known that this is the closing point of the theme event and the first cooperation between Yanxi and VOGUE. As the only artist invited to appear that day, fans reacted enthusiastically. Yanxi wears a printed shirt and black trousers. He is fashionable and handsome, showing his long legs against the sky.

For a long time, Yanxi has been favored by fashion circles for her outstanding appearance and fashion taste. Whether its a dimpled teenager with sunshine vitality, a freshly fashionable teenager, or a tough and graceful gentleman, the multiple styles show superior fashion expressiveness. At the event site, Yanxi shared his life style and dressing experience, frankly wanted to challenge the role of enriching inner drama, hoping to have more performance space to improve himself.

This year is also Yanxis harvest year. At the beginning of the year, the popular broadcasting of the sweet pet drama About Love made people remember Wei Qing, the domineering president of external cold and internal heat, and also made Yanxis popularity soar. Not long ago, Yanxi just participated in the Supernova National Games, and then he went on shooting new plays. Dreams will shine, looking forward to the 95-year-old can unlock more exciting.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952