Gao Hanyu shows his charm at the meeting of Full-time Masters

 Gao Hanyu shows his charm at the meeting of Full-time Masters

Netease Entertainment reported on August 19 that the youth inspirational drama Full-time Master, starring Yang Yang, Jiang Shuying, Gao Hanyu and Lai Yi, is on the air. Full-time Master has been gaining popularity and reputation all the way since its launch, and has made remarkable achievements. On August 18, actors Gao Hanyu and others appeared at the Shanghai FansMeeting of Full-time Talents. The scene was warm. Actor Gao Hanyu played Yu Wenzhou in the play. He was a team leader with a soft surface and a dark stomach inside.

Stylish Scrap Mould Appears Perfectly to Restore Yu Wenzhou

Fighting scenes in prop-free comedy were well received.

It is reported that full-time master in the shooting of game pictures using a large number of live capture CG special effects, which is a big challenge for actors. When shooting, actors must make a lot of fighting actions in the game without physical objects, which tests the ability of the actors to express their limbs and control their roles. On the scene of the meeting, some actors showed us the fighting scenes in the play without props. Among them, actor Gao Hanyus orthopedic gymnast has won unanimous praise. Before filming, Gao Hanyu did a lot of preparatory work, including the interval between filming has also been in fitness, to improve his physical fitness in all aspects.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952