Andai Hyuns Divorced Good Mans Image Destroyed Endorsement Brand Called Blocked by Netizens

 Andai Hyuns Divorced Good Mans Image Destroyed Endorsement Brand Called Blocked by Netizens

Divorce of Anzai Hyun and Yue Hye Shan

Netease Entertainment reported on August 19, according to Hong Kong media reports, 32-year-old Han Xing An Zaixian, who appeared in the divine drama You from the Stars, was married for more than three years yesterday by 34-year-old actress Huishan, who decided to divorce because she changed her mind. Whats more, Anzaixian had already prepared a divorce declaration with BH Firm to disclose their divorce agreement because of the phase. After dealing with each other, we found that there was estrangement, deliberately hiding the reasons for divorce, as if we did not want to destroy the good man image of Anzai Hyun.

Nevertheless, Yesterday, Hui Shan Fa Wen counterattacked the firms statement without consulting with her before, and disclosed the content of his text message with Andai Xian. He said that Andai Xian had spoken ill of her behind her with the representative of the firm. After that, many netizens criticized the firms practices as having problems. It seems that in order to protect the firm, he gave up the idea of YouHui Shan and a large number of netizens were in peace. Zaixians comments on his social networking website made him a big hit.

In his short message, Anzaixian also mentioned that he had notified about his divorce report in New Journey to the West in advance, but refused to thank his mother in person, which convinced many fans that he attached more importance to his work and completely destroyed the image of his loving husband in New Journey to the West. Netizens left messages asking him to withdraw from the new season of Journey to the West and Jiang Canteen as well as the new play People with Deficiencies in November.

In addition, due to the controversy over the divorce between the two people handled by HB firm and the fact that the open text message of Huishan mentioned that Anzaixian and the representative of the firm spoke ill of her behind their backs. Many netizens also complained about the woman and questioned the unusual relationship between Anzaixian and the representative. As a result, Wen Baomei, the representative of the firm, was on the hot search list. She is Wen Baomei.u300a The producers of Stars and Sky City.

As for the products endorsed by Anzaixian, netizens also boycotted them. His cosmetics brand left a message on the official website saying that because of the problem of Anzaixian, netizens launched a strike to buy the products, which put the company in a dilemma and promised to listen to your opinions for the development of the brand in the future. The HB firm issued a statement again today that it will take legal action to accuse the relevant netizens of defamation in response to false statements made by artists and representatives of the firm on the Internet.

Source: NetEase Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736