The Dragons Riddle: Fantastic Adventures Crossing China, Russia and Britain

 The Dragons Riddle: Fantastic Adventures Crossing China, Russia and Britain

Netease Entertainment reported on Aug. 19 that the film The Riddle of the Dragon Brand was officially released on Aug. 16. Since its release, both Jackie Chan Schwarzeneggers first battle and the collision and blending of Chinese and Western fantasy stories have made audiences continue to discuss the film. Today, a behind-the-scenes feature film reveals the process of the legendary adventure journey from scratch.

Adventure trips are extraordinary

The film The Dragon Riddle tells a fantastic adventure story that spans China, Russia and Britain. In the special, Jackie Chan, who plays the white wizard, tells the audience Amway: This film shows the collision between the West and the East. His opponent, Schwarzenegger, changed the way he played against the White Wizard in movies and said, This is a film that happens all over the world. It can be seen that the Dragon Mystery skillfully integrates Eastern culture and Western stories, collides with different sparks, and brings more diverse film experience to the audience.

In this film, the use of 3D technology is an overall improvement of the effect of watching movies. At the previous Premiere conference, Jackie Chan disclosed that The Mystery of the Dragon Brand is real 3D, which is shot with a 3D camera, and the operation is very complicated. In the current film market, most 3D movies are actually produced by conventional methods before being re-produced. In order to give the audience a sense of immersion in the cinema, the Dragons Riddle chooses the mode of live 3D shooting. Although it increases the difficulty of shooting, it can show a more three-dimensional 3D effect.

Beautiful fighting and cool visual effects

Throughout the film, shocking pictures and excellent fighting scenes are absolutely outstanding highlights. From elves and monsters in Western legends to dragons in the East, CG technology enables these imaginary creatures to meet the audience on the big screen. The perfect combination of 3D and CG technology creates a new fantasy world for the audience. For action theatre, the feature also gives three key words - close combat, weapon battle, magic duel. Either Jackie Chan and Schwarzeneggers summit confrontation, or the ultimate battle between magic and martial arts, are excellent. Jackie Chan said in the album, Youre sure to like this movie.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020