Shanghai Fortress loss or more than 300 million yuan spread to more than 20 companies

 Shanghai Fortress loss or more than 300 million yuan spread to more than 20 companies

According to the data of Lighthouse Professional Edition, the cumulative box office of Shanghai Fortress was only 121 million yuan in 10 days of release, and the score of Douban was only 3.2 points (one star accounted for 62.1%), the score of ticket scoring was 5.9 points, and the cats eye reputation score was 5.8 points.

As for the collapse of Shanghai Fortresss reputation and box office, some industry analysts said in an interview with Securities Daily: There are certain problems from scripts to special effects to casting. Film shooting takes a certain period. A few years ago, no one expected that the film would lose money. At that time, there was no need to pursue the ultimate goal. But in a few years, the market and audience changed, which was the reason for the failure of Shanghai Fortress.

Shanghai Fortress in the controversy over the collapse of public praise and box office

In July, Zhu Yuqing, founder of Focus, told the Securities Daily that only The Devil Child of Nezha was a hit in the summer season, hoping that more seed films would perform well after they were released. Among them, he mentioned Shanghai Fortress.

The reason why Shanghai Fortress has attracted much attention is that it is composed of two factors in the view of the industry. On the one hand, the film adapted from the science fiction novel of the same name, Wandering Earth Zhuyu is in the front, people have high expectations for this science fiction film in the summer archives; on the other hand, the cooperation of flow star Lu Hao and movie queen Shu Qi has also brought high attention to this film.

But the fact is that Shanghai Fortress did not achieve the glory of Wandering Earth, but ended in a bleak way. After 10 days of release, its box office only broke through the billion yuan mark. More netizens commented that Wandering Earth opened a door for Chinese science fiction movies and was closed by Shanghai Fortress.

Recently, some netizens reported to the Securities Daily reporter that Shanghai Fortress is suspected to be downgraded. In response, reporters found that the film was not downgraded, but with the release of new films, the number of production has dropped sharply to hundreds.

According to the Lighthouse Professional Edition data, on August 9, the first day of the release of Shanghai Fortress, there were 138,000 films in China. From August 10 to August 15, there were 61,000, 40,000, 28,000, 23,000, 19,000 and 17,000 films, respectively. On August 16, the number of films dropped sharply to 763, with a box office of 120,000 yuan, 740 on August 17 and 148,000. Yuan.

This is a normal phenomenon, there have been many similar films before, the first day of performance is good, but with the decline of word of mouth, attendance rate is not good, the amount of film will be greatly reduced. The analysts said.

In fact, Shanghai Fortress has always been in the limelight of public opinion. Firstly, before the film was officially released, some cinemas used traffic stars to raise the price of road shows, and nearly 1,000 yuan of film ticket prices were questioned. On the first day of release, Shanghai Fortress was also exposed as suspected box office fraud, which resulted in abnormal film arrangement.

Public opinion has been accompanied by the box office performance of Shanghai Fortress, the double collapse of word-of-mouth and the continuing official apologies.

However, some viewers in an interview with the reporter of Securities Daily believed that the film also had merits: In fact, technically speaking, some special effects are still very good, but the plot is really very bad, completely illogical.

Losses or more than 300 million yuan spread to more than 20 companies

It is understood that Shanghai Fortress is said to have been prepared for five years with an investment of 360 million yuan.

However, such a costly and time-consuming Shanghai Fortress has only achieved 121 million yuan at the box office.

According to incomplete statistics from the Journal of Securities, the collapse of Shanghai Fortress affected more than 20 companies. According to the Lighthouse Professional Edition, the producer of Shanghai Fortress includes 13 companies, while the publisher includes 9 companies. China Television Entertainment, China Film, Tencent Film Industry, Tianjin Northern Film, Beijing Poly Film Federation and other five companies jointly produced, with 8 companies jointly produced, including Tianjun Echo, Linglong Culture, Pengchenghai Film and Television; China Film, Beijing Poly Film Federation, Tencent Film Industry, Shanghai Film and other seven companies jointly issued.

Among the many film and television companies produced, the clearest one is HuaTV Entertainment. According to the prospectus issued by HuaTV Entertainment in 2017, the proposed investment amount of Shanghai Fortress is 108 million yuan, accounting for 30% of the total investment amount, so as to estimate that the total investment amount of Shanghai Fortress is about 360 million yuan.

In an interview with the Securities Daily, the industry analyst said, With 360 million yuan to calculate, the box office of Shanghai Fortress needs to reach 1 billion yuan in order to return the book, while the box office of 121 million yuan may only have 340 million yuan left in the hands of the film, conservatively estimating that it will lose at least 300 million yuan.

In addition, a reporter from the Securities Daily found that the company has a close relationship with Luhan in China TV Entertainment Prospectus.

In 2017, Huashi Entertainment was its shareholder in Qinghan Fund, which was jointly established by New Hope Group, Luhan and Wang Mengqiu, general manager of liquidity capital. The subscription amount was 9 million yuan, and the investment proportion was 13.85%.

In addition, Luhan previously starred in the TV drama Sweet Strike, HuaTV Entertainment Group is also one of the joint producers. China Television Entertainment Investment of 48 million yuan, accounting for 40%, adapted from the Japanese animation film version of the same name Five centimeters per second. Earlier, it was also reported that the male protagonist is Deer Hao. Although the official micro-blog was launched, the film eventually disappeared.

So, because of this relationship with Huashi Entertainment, Luhans performance in Shanghai Fortress is also reasonable.

In the industry, Shanghai Fortress is a late negative textbook for the film market.

Shanghai Fortress is a late lesson. In the past, there are also films with the same experience, including Prospector Pu Songling and Asura, which are the products of that era. It takes two to three years for such films to be prepared. When they are released, the painful period will appear. There should be no more such films in the future, because we really cant afford to pay for them. The analysts said.

In fact, with the collapse of Shanghai Fortress, the appeal of traffic stars has attracted the attention of the industry again.

Some film practitioners pointed out to the reporters of Securities Daily that in 2016, Luhans Tomb Piracy Notes made more than 1 billion yuan at the box office, which was a demonstration of the appeal of traffic stars plus IP at that time. You know, the Douban score of that movie was only 4.7 points, but in just three years, Luhan was also changing. The number of stars has a limited shelf life, and the deer haw has lost a large number of fans, which is no longer the top of the year, so the box office appeal will be greatly weakened.

In addition, the trend of the whole film market and the audiences acceptance are also changing. In the view of many people in the industry, the failure of Shanghai Fortress proves that the trend of content is king and word of mouth is king is becoming more and more obvious.

According to the above-mentioned industry analysts, there are two kinds of word-of-mouth in the film industry, one is absolute word-of-mouth, the other is relative word-of-mouth. Absolute word-of-mouth is a film that covers the whole age circle, such as I am not a Pharmacist and Naju. Relative word-of-mouth focuses on a particular age circle. To a large extent, to meet their demands for movie viewing, such as Stories More Sad than Sadness and Bears Come and Go. Only by grasping absolute or relative word-of-mouth can box office be guaranteed.

Actually, not only the whole film industry has the trend of content being king, but also the whole entertainment industry, such as TV series, variety shows, big online movies and games. With the improvement of peoples living standards, the spiritual needs are also rising. Now, the trend of seeking high-quality products in the whole industry is becoming more and more prominent. Industry analysts said.

Source: Responsible Editor of Securities Daily: Han Chong_NBJ11345