Huang Xiaomings Self-Review Attitude in Chinese Restaurant

 Huang Xiaomings Self-Review Attitude in Chinese Restaurant

After a day of intensive business, Huang Xiaoming let everyone rest and adjust, and began to discuss with Sister Hailu about the arrangement of personnel when taking orders in restaurants. After making the decision, Huang Xiaoming personally found Chef Lin to apologize for his tone of business and expressed his distress for Chef Lin. He hoped that he could rest at noon to prepare dinner with better energy and state. The next day, Huang shopkeeper bought refrigerators to store food materials, but also bold purchase watermelon chicken legs to supplement nutrition for everyone. At the same time, Huang shopkeeper also adjusted the menu before business to make the whole more rational. This time, Sister Hailu served as the chef. Huang Xiaoming, who was careful and considerate, immediately decided to stop taking orders when he found that the chef was tired of sweating and wet eyelashes.

After the release of the notice, many people could not understand the behavior of buying the refrigerator. Huang Xiaoming also said that the micro-blog Tucao would like to come to Tucao should be sent to 3 fridges from the refrigerator. This micro-blog has aroused the enthusiastic comments of netizens since it was released. Up to now, nearly 400 thousand comments have been received. In the course of broadcasting, the audience also realized that it was because of the demand of Chef Lin that they bought the refrigerator. They said that they had misunderstood Huang Xiaoming before. At the same time, the generous attitude of the manager of Huangdian was praised and ridiculed by netizens. Its lovely and daring to send this micro-blog. I think the refrigerator is mine.Comments frequently appeared in the comments section. Its funny.

This season Chinese Restaurant in zero start-up funds, increase the number of tables and other multiple difficulties and challenges, business began to enter the right track, Huang Xiaoming is also constantly groping out the appropriate business strategy, looking forward to his wonderful performance in the following programs.

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