Anzai Hyun and her colleagues said good and bad things about the woman and lost their marriage job at the same time.

 Anzai Hyun and her colleagues said good and bad things about the woman and lost their marriage job at the same time.

Anzai Sai-hsien and Benevolent

In the screenshot of the second exposure of Yu Huishan, you can see that she mentioned the record of your bad words to my representative and its okay to say I want to cancel my contract, but its really not good to leave the divorce to the company. Among them, Mr. Andais representative, Wen Baomei, who is good enough to speak ill of Huishan, has a masters degree in music from Juliad College and a doctoral degree from Arizona State University.

Wen Baomei is not only a representative of HB entertainment, but also a popular drama City of the Sky, You from the Stars, Longbayi and so on. She has a good reputation in the industry. When she was interviewed in 2018, she said: My actors and I are family members, or witnesses of actorslives, such as the marriage of Andai Hyun or other kinds of their life course, we are family members and friends.

Anzai Hyun has been in a silent state since the early morning voice of Youhui Shan on the 18th. A statement issued by HB Entertainment revealed: As a brokerage company, we have also had sincere troubles and discussions in the past few months. We also respect their decisions and hope that both sides will have a happier appearance in the future.

The company pointed out that Yu Huishan had found a divorce lawyer and was writing a draft of the divorce agreement with Zaixian. He also sent it to the other party. He hoped that the other party would find a divorce lawyer as soon as possible. He said that he hoped to apply to the court for divorce mediation in mid-August and that the divorce agreement could be terminated in September. It seems that all the treatment is directed at divorce, and the woman is more active.

Contrast Wen Baomei said that her actors are family members and friends, from her and Andai Sai-hyun say good and bad words, to counter-finger Huishan is the person who divorces actively and she will leave HB entertainment, Hanwang thinks it is really unreasonable. Netizens have pointed out that if you lose love and marriage, you have to lose your job. Its really disgraceful for a big company to be biased so seriously. Who cares for this company really knows at a glance.

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