A Love Letter to the Beatles

 A Love Letter to the Beatles

Netease Entertainment reported on Aug. 19 that the comedy Yesterdays Miracle produced by Walktato Film Company in Britain was being hit nationwide. Jack, a singer with rare talent, won high praise from audiences for his love of music and his unique jokes during his persistent pursuit of dreams, while paying tribute to the Beatles and John Lennon in Silver. The surprise rebirth on the screen is a tear-poking frenzy.

As one of the most worthwhile works of public praise this summer, Yesterdays Miracle breaks through the documentary form of general music movies, relying on the novel Forget the Beatles all over the world setting and the crazy circle of fans who laugh at the other way to pursue dreams. After the film was released, audiences turned into tap water to recommend the movie, praising the English self-mocking humor is very interesting. As in todays clip, Youll make a lot of money, well take a lot of it. Can you dress up well? The official Tucao is full of jokes. There are also audiences who praise the film Diving into the Beatlesmusic world in a new way, with classical light and modern distortions, full of fun.

In addition to the laughter caused by the interesting settings, the film also made the audience cry. Whether the Beatles fans still remember saying Thank you for remembering to Jack or the heavy egg hidden in the film, John Lennon, who was not a singer in parallel time and space, and who was happily old, was full of tears. The Beatles fans were moved: Jack told Lennon, 78, that it was funny and tearful to sayYou live to 78. And Lennons appearance is like injecting a real Beatles soul into the film, which makes people wonder, If John Lennon could really live to this day, how wonderful it would be!

In addition to the tear-and-laugh plot, the films other big attraction is the emotional Beatles music element. In previous advance viewing, CCTV News said, Yesterdays Miracle is like a love letter to the Beatles, saluting the legend of the last century in an alternative way. After the film was released, many audiences also had a deep resonance on this point, saying that they enjoyed revisiting the classic Beetle songs on the big screen and basically all the music wanted to sing along, even after watching it, they really went to sing with their friends. In addition, there are also audiences who seem to revisit the Beatlesold dream. Before going to the movies, they dont know how much they are influenced by the Beatles. When the familiar melody sounds again, they find that every capital has loved and every story seems to be repeated yesterday.

Yesterdays Miracle is being shown nationwide.