Mule previews Eastwoods surprise video greetings

 Mule previews Eastwoods surprise video greetings

Clint Eastwood Greets Chinese Audiences (Source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on Aug. 19 that Mule, a well-known masterpiece produced by Warner Brothers Film Company, will be released on the theatre line of the Federation of Arts on Aug. 26. Last weekend (Aug. 17 - Aug. 18), the official launch of the Clint Eastwood Weekend Theme Weekend Series of Not Old Legend, Create Classics Again. Not only did it open ahead of schedule in 13 cities across the country, but it also held a special film viewing event in Beijing on August 17. Many media, film critics and Eastwood fans arrived to witness the film legend with excitement. It is worth mentioning that director and actor Clint Eastwood also sent surprise greetings videos to Chinese audiences, which moved and upgraded fans. A few days ago, domestic film critics of the mainstream media unanimously praised the public praise. A week before the film is released, the national pre-sale has started.

Today, the director and actor Clint Eastwood greeting videos and trailers were officially released. Eastwood, who is nearly 90 years old, is still in high spirits, introducing his new work Mule to Chinese audiences. The film is adapted from a real drug-related case that stirred up the United States a few years ago. It tells the story of the 80-year-old Earl Stone who got a driving job because of bankruptcy accident, but was caught in the double danger of threats from drug gangs and tracked by anti-drug police to survive.

It is worth mentioning that the first appearance of this greeting video was a special film watching event held in Beijing on the afternoon of August 17. The films fans were moved by the surprise links that were prepared before the screening. In the process of watching the film, the concentrative humor buried in the film makes the whole audience laugh continuously, and the delicate emotions are very touching. After the screening, Zhang Yicha, a young actor known as the genius scientist Li 11 in Wandering Earth, said excitedly, As an actor, he has always admired the old man very much. He has been refreshing his record and is a living legend. Shi Hang, a famous film critic, said, Only Dongmu can make the old-fashioned truth move us like a song, and I will always look forward to his next work. There are also many loyal fans of directors who say they can see Clint Eastwood again on the big screen, and they cant help but cry.

Word of mouth was praised for its leading role in the whole country.

As the beginning of Clint Eastwoods weekend series, Mule opened a preview of 13 cities in China last weekend. It was not only a fanscarnival, but also highly praised by many media and film critics, who strongly recommended it on various platforms.

Xinhua commented that its a very strong film to watch. El Stone, an octogenarian, played by Clint Eastwood, is as clever as a hanger, with a compact plot and a lot of humour and warmth. Reviews in Peoples Daily pointed out that the film was very cured with a 89-year-old mans deep feeling of human nature and worldliness, good character and a calm and humorous attitude. This is the height and perspective that only director and actor Clint Eastwood can have. China Networks said that this is a true love of the spirit of film craftsmen. As Clint Eastwoods self-directed work after 10 yearsabsence from The Old Car, Mule is of great significance and a breakthrough and challenge for the director as always.

Mule will be released in China on August 26, 2019. At present, the national pre-sale has started.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020