Angry Birds 2 hit Babys Day at Work

 Angry Birds 2 hit Babys Day at Work

Angry Birds 2 is about Babys Day at Work (Source: NetEase Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on August 19 that the original dubbed comic action animated film Angry Birds 2, directed by Tulup Van Olman, is in full swing across the country, including Jason Sudeich, Josh Gade, Leslie Jones, Bill Hardel and Rachel Bloom. Up to now, the total box office of the film has exceeded 68.8 million. After its release, the film has won high praise from the whole platform. Cats Eye 8.9, ticket-hunting 8.7, big V recommendation 89% and Douban 7.2 rank first in the new film scoring in the same period. Meanwhile, Angry Birds 2 has gained 76% freshness and 85% popcorn index on the famous scoring website Rotten Tomatoes overseas, making it the highest scoring game adaptation movie in history. Today, the film released Babys Day to Work clips. Dr. Eagle, the social animal on Eagle Island, was busy all day. On this day, he finally had the opportunity to bring three Eagle babies to work. Three curious babies will start a joyful journey of exploring secrets in the laboratory. The film is being shown all over the country.

Angry Birds 2 is in full swing. In the latest release of Babys Day at Work, Dr. Hawk is busy as a social animal on Eagle Island. He takes three hawk babies to his laboratory to visit. However, Dr. Hawks busy work makes his life very dull. He thought he was a hawk treasure. The treasures will be disappointed, but the babies will have a great time. Its just like Angry Birds 2, which is a relaxed and joyful decompressor for busy adults. After watching it, people can laugh and relieve their worries.

At the same time, the story of Angry Birds 2 has a part of teaching and enjoying. For many parents, it is a rare parent-child movie in summer. Some parents said that the psychological process of the protagonist Panghong from isolation to integration into the team is very inspiring for children, and can teach children the importance of collaboration with others. Some parents were very surprised when they saw it and said, Unexpectedly, my children and I laughed happily and wanted to recommend movies to audiences of all ages.

The classic Shaking Legs Divine Comedy covers the whole film to pay tribute to the infarct star Luo Qibu and attract the audience to brush two

Music is also one of the highlights of Angry Birds 2. Apart from the two theme songs The Best Day sung by Qian Po and Lets Be Friends sung by Rural Music Artist Luke Cooms, there are many classic European and American Shaking Legs divinity throughout the film, together with the bright picture of the film. The audiovisual effect of tones will make audiences jump in the cinema. The movie Angry Birds 2, which is about to end the summer vacation, brings a movie feast with laughing points, starting points and hey points to the audience. It is the most worthwhile entertainment film to watch this summer.

Its worth mentioning that the film also has many sections that pay tribute to the classic movies and the popular elements of the last century, such as Fat Red and Dart Yellows sneaking into Eagle Island, which pays tribute to Tom Cruises Ethan Hunts Getting Out of the Air passage in The Spy in the Disk; and Eagle Island Guards book Abstraction when touching fish. Golden Bird Margin is also a tribute to North Americas box office double-blown film Golden Margin. At the same time, the movie also pays tribute to the popular culture, such as the pig bird alliances departure from the submarine, which is exactly the same as the MV of the Beatles famous yellow submarine, and the background of David Bowies SpaceOddity after the little bird flying. After watching it, some fans expressed their excitement that there are too many stalks. Its just the animated version of Player No. 1. They will go to the cinema again to try to find all the eggs in the film.

Angry Birds 2 is directed by Tulup Van Olman, Jason Sudeich, Josh Gade, Leslie Jones, Bill Hardel, Rachel Bloom, Okafina, Stirling K. Brown, Ohenio Delvis, Danny McBride, Peter Dinlaki, Pi. T. Davidson, Zack Woods, Dev Cameron, Lille Lyle Havali, Nicky Mina, Beck Bennett, Brooklyn Prince and other original voice. The film is being shown nationwide.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020