Will the free-rider go up? Expert: Pricing system should be different from operating vehicles

 Will the free-rider go up? Expert: Pricing system should be different from operating vehicles

If taxi is difficult and special bus is too expensive, then the cheap and high-quality free-rider has naturally become the first choice for public travel. However, during the standby period of the standard of the downwind vehicle industry, both the owners and passengers of the downwind vehicle have raised objections to the current pricing standards.

Some passengers believe that the comfort and economy of a downwind car are not different from that of an express train or a special train, and the pricing can be closer to that of an express train or a special train. But there are also passengers who disagree, saying, Even if there are no passengers, the owner of the downwind car will also travel. When there are passengers, it should be extra income, even if the price is similar to the subway bus.

As for the above statement, the owner of a downwind vehicle said, The downwind vehicle is not 100% by-pass, resulting in increased bypass costs and time costs. Sometimes, in order to take orders, we have to go out 30 minutes earlier in the morning, which consumes more energy. If the price is too low, we might as well not take orders.

Car owners and passengers hold different views on the pricing of downwind vehicles. Experts are more troubled by the way in which pricing can allow the downwind industry to develop in the long run. In this regard, some experts said that the downwind pricing system should be fundamentally different from the operating vehicles such as taxis, express trains and special trains.

Car owners complain that time costs are too high

Propose a hike in the price of downwind cars

The owner of a windmill told the Securities Daily: I have registered the windmill for more than two years. To be honest, the cost of the windmill is a little low at present. Although I do not want to share the cost of the road fee in order to make money every time I take orders, after all, there is no 100% free way. At the same time, my other costs are also the same. Its a promotion, so the price should be more consideration to stimulate the enthusiasm of car owners.

A person who is both a downwind car owner and a passenger of the downwind car commented: I can understand the meaning of the downwind car in particular. When I am a passenger, I also hope to be able to go out cheaply. But when I am a car owner, besides the fuel charges on the road, it also includes the extra distance, time and elaboration for the owner to pick up and deliver passengers. Force is also a relatively large cost, I think the current downwind car price for car owners should also have some room for improvement, of course, this price should also ensure that the owners can not make profits, so that it is fair for car owners.

In fact, not only are the owners of the downwind cars dissatisfied with the price, they want to raise the price, but also the users of the downwind cars take the initiative to raise the price. The windmill is really very convenient, like my daily commuters to and from Tongzhou and Zhongguancun, the windmill is the best choice, but not every time someone can take orders, which makes people very troubled, I think the pricing should be able to motivate more owners to accept orders willingly. Thats what the user said.

The price of windmill should not be too high

Faced with the demand for a rise in the price of free-rider owners and passengers, some people have put forward different views that the price of free-rider should not be too high.

The price of the downwind car should not be too high, at least not close to the express car. Otherwise, it will create profitable conditions to attract black cars. Once the vehicles with professional orders enter, they will reduce the downstream orders of the real downwind car owners and make the real downwind car owners withdraw from the platform, which will eventually lead to the deterioration of the downwind vehicle platform. One car owner said so.

In addition, some passengers objected to the increase in the price of the free-rider, saying: The free-rider should adhere to the principle of low price and free-rider, not for the purpose of making money. The downwind car should be the passengers share of the fuel charges, not bear the fuel charges! __________

For the problem of high and low car prices, some owners put forward a relatively middle route. A car owner who ran 190 times and won 100% praise said, I think pricing should first ensure the enthusiasm of the car owner. After all, the owner of the car pays time and energy and also bears great risks. For example, traffic accident violations, various invisible damage caused by uncivilized passengers, so the price should be higher than the oil toll. However, the price should be lower than the price of professional operating vehicles such as taxis for express trains on the same line.

Experts Call for Regulating Industry Pricing

So, will the price of the windmill go up? How on earth should the price of downwind vehicles be more reasonable and standardized, and acceptable to both owners and passengers?

From the perspective of the whole industry, there is no uniform pricing standard for all downwind platforms at present. Many experts and lawyers have pointed out the necessity of standardizing the pricing standards in the windmill industry.

Shen Lijun, president of the Institute of Urban Intelligence and Practice, told the Journal of Securities: The pricing system of downwind vehicles is essentially different from that of taxis, express cars and special cars. Pricing should not only ensure the equality, mutual assistance and non-operational attributes of the windmill, but also enable the whole windmill ecosystem to operate efficiently and achieve benign sustainable development.

It is hoped that through the form of brainstorming meetings, the broad masses of users and all sectors of society can reach a broader consensus on what is a reasonable pricing principle for downwind vehicles. Shen Lijun said so.

As of August 16, 93% of the people voted for the free-rider, which would consume extra time and energy. Pricing should give more power to the owners to participate in mutual travel. 82% of the people voted for the free-rider pricing and should not let the owners take the free-rider. As a tool to make money and profit.

Invite User Members to Join the Seminar

In addition to the above votes, in order to better formulate the standards for the downwind industry, the research group on the standards for the downwind industry has invited members of the user committee, including five owners and five passengers, to participate in the discussion and formulation of the standards.

According to the reporters understanding, in order to be closer to the public, the formulation of the industry standard of the windmill will refer to the suggestions of the members of the user committee.

It is understood that members of the user committee need more than 100 times of experience in downwind car sharing, and have a deep understanding and experience of downwind car products.

It is a very innovative means to set up a user committee to join the research on the standard of the downwind vehicle industry, so as to realize the co-construction, consultation and Co-governance of the standard of the downwind vehicle industry, the relevant person in charge of the trip said to the Securities Daily.

The person in charge said: Compared with other modes of travel, the biggest difference is that the capacity of the downwind car comes from the ordinary private owner, not the professional capacity, and the owner is not for profit. This makes the downwind car a way of sharing mutual assistance. The relationship between the owner and the passenger is equal and mutual assistance rather than service and being served. Department. This also determines that the windmill has the attributes of social undertakings.

The development of the windmill industry and the formulation of standards require the participation of users, industry experts, media, government and platforms, so as to make the industry standards more realistic and better reflect the opinions and aspirations of users. Thats what the person in charge said.

It is understood that the members of the User Committee select five from each of the owners and users of downwind vehicles. Since its inception, ticking has set strict standards for car owners and vehicle access, people concerned with ticking travel told the Securities Daily. Through such measures as low pricing system, manual auditing and checking, and restriction on the number of orders received, the entry of operating vehicles was effectively eliminated. This makes the Du Du Shun Windmill business form and maintain a good and pure platform atmosphere and ecological environment, and accumulated a large number of loyal owners and passenger users. They have a continuous and in-depth experience of the windmill, and can provide many professional and practical suggestions on how to formulate the rules of the windmill standard, how to grasp the direction and scale.

At present, there are a large number of people who have signed up to formulate standards for the downwind industry. According to the relevant personages of the research group to the Securities Daily reporter, said: At present, the number of registered users to participate in the Committee has exceeded 2000 people.

A car owner engaged in transportation industry said: The ideal windmill ecology is as follows: firstly, the windmill can be widely accepted and widely used by the public; secondly, the windmill platform can provide more standardized and safe information services; thirdly, the owners and passengers can fully understand the connotation of the windmill and passengers. Rules can resolve differences through friendly negotiation. Fourth, when negotiation fails to resolve differences, both sides can respect and accept the evaluation results in accordance with the basic principles of the Convention on Vehicle Use.

The owner said: I have a thorough understanding and Research on the rules, including the platform service rules, the owners and passengers rules on the platform, the relevant national policies and the laws and regulations of central ministries and local governments. I hope to be elected as a member of the Committee and put forward some suggestions at a deeper level of laws and regulations.

Another doctoral student passenger suggested: The owner and passenger are fully in contact through the platform, according to the credit, route, area, age and other recommended priority matching vehicles. The annealing ticket rule can be used to set up similar penalty and compensation mechanism for multi-stage default. Punishment and compensation mechanisms are set up for other uncivilized acts that can complete transactions but exist in the process. Customer service personnel will play an important role in coordinating communication, interpretation and judgment. When both sides of the dispute are not satisfied with the result of the settlement, it is suggested to draw lessons from the mechanism of idle fish small court and randomly select other stakeholders from the division to provide a reference scheme for customer service personnel by voting and discussing.

Source: Liable Editor of Securities Daily: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279