A 15-year-old girl was imprisoned by her stepfather and mother for three years. The windows were sealed with tape.

 A 15-year-old girl was imprisoned by her stepfather and mother for three years. The windows were sealed with tape.

Taoyuan Land Procuratorate (Source: Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)

Overseas Network, Aug. 19, according to Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper report, a man in Taiwan believed that his stepdaughter was not disciplined and that he and his mother had imprisoned the girl on the 2nd floor of her residence for three years. Even the windows were taped to make her lead a miserable life in the dark. The procurator of Taoyuan Prefecture Procuratorate brought the couple to court, denouncing them as parents with bad attitude and no regret, and suggested that the local court impose a heavy sentence.

It is reported that a 42-year-old man surnamed Zhang and a 37-year-old woman surnamed Zhang married and became the stepfather of a girl surnamed Zhang. Zhang believes that the girls are not disciplined. Since September 2015, the couple have locked their 15-year-old daughter in a small room on the second floor of the apartment, sealed the only window of the room, and only regularly sent her food and daily necessities, depriving the girls of their freedom of movement for up to three years.

Reported that until last October, the local governor listened to residents nearby that the house had a girl imprisoned, so the police investigation, she was rescued from the dark room. The couple admitted that the girl had been unable to leave the small room by herself for three years, and even the windows were sealed with tape. Girls also suffer from long-term violence.

The prosecution believed that the couple, as parents, should have protected and cared for their daughters. Unexpectedly, the couple had been detained for a long time in the name of discipline, which caused great harm to the physical and mental development of the girl. They had no regrets and bad attitude after committing the crime, and suggested that the judge should impose a heavy sentence.

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