Wang Zhongjun sells paintings for winter: I can sell anything for Huayi

 Wang Zhongjun sells paintings for winter: I can sell anything for Huayi

Over the past year, Huayi Brothers have been in a storm of public opinion. From industry tax reform to pledge rumors, the confidence of Huayi Brothers shareholders has also been tested one after another. This summer, the extension of Huayi Brothersmain movies Babai and Little Wish has worsened the enterprises that had been blown by the rain.

Fortunately, Wang Zhongjun did not give up. According to Huayi Brothersannouncement, since 2018, Wang Zhongjun has increased his holding of 17.335 million shares by means of centralized bidding, accounting for about 0.6191% of the companys total equity and investing about 100 million yuan.

Everyone has winter.

Huayi Brothers really had a tough time. According to its latest earnings forecast, in the first half of 2019, the company lost about 330 million yuan to 325 million yuan in advance, compared with 277 million yuan in profit in the same period last year.

The main reason for the decline in income is that the combined income of movies, TV dramas and live entertainment is lower than that of last year. Among them, the intertemporal movies Yunnan Worm Valley and Can I return my brother? u300b Income declined to a large extent from the same period last year.

On the other hand, the decline of the companys share price led to Wang Zhongjuns Pledged Shares touching the liquidation line for a time, and the pledge situation eased after timely replenishment adjustment.

As of August 14, Wang Zhongjun owned about 630 million shares of Huayi Brothers, accounting for 22.52% of the companys total equity. Among them, 577 million shares were pledged, accounting for 20.64% of the companys total equity and 91.59% of its share holdings.

At the forum site, Wang Zhongjun said that everyone has winter, but winter only occurs once a year.

Zeng haowed 377 million yuan for famous paintings

In order to spend the winter, Wang Zhongjun began to sell paintings.

Wang Zhongjun has a hobby of collecting famous paintings, which is well known in the industry. More than 20 years ago, his first collection was an Aixuan painting, which cost about $10,000. After Huayi Brothers went public, Wang Zhongjuns enthusiasm for art continued unabated. He declared publicly that all the money made in these years has been spent on works of art.

It was Wang Zhongjun who shot Van Goghs painting Still Life, Vase Filled with Daisy and Poppy Flowers at the Sothebys Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Auction in New York with 377 million yuan (including commission) in 2014, which was the most popular among Chinese collectors bidding for Western art at that time. The high bidding price has caused great public opinion controversy.

In 2015, Wang Zhongjun took pictures of Picassos famous painting Sitting Portrait of a Woman with Pullover Hair at a price of 186 million yuan (including commission).

On September 27, 2017, the Song Art Museum, founded by Wang Zhongjun, opened its first exhibition, From Van Gogh to Contemporary Chinese Art. The exhibits include Daisy and Poppy Flowers and Sitting Portrait of a Woman with Punched Hair.

However, Wang Zhongjun revealed that he had recently sold a batch of works of art and put out some cash to solve the cash flow problem. Some friends think,You are so famous in the collection circle. How did you start selling paintings? I dont think its a shame. Half of Gardes night show last year was my painting. Im happy to sell it. For the sake of the companys safety, I can sell anything. Its no shame.