Wang Baobao, former director of the State Statistical Bureau, took bribes: 3.46 million enterprises sought surrogacy

 Wang Baobao, former director of the State Statistical Bureau, took bribes: 3.46 million enterprises sought surrogacy

It turned out that Wang Baoan often regretted that he had no children, so businessmen threw in their favor and spent more than 3 million yuan to find surrogate intermediaries, so that they succeeded in harvesting their two sons. The person who paid the money is Guan Chengshan, the actual controller of Haite Electronics Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Shengong Haite Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Recently, China Judicial Documents Network published the first instance criminal judgment of bribery crime committed by Haite Electronics Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Shengong Haite Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. The secret of Wang Baoan was also made public. On December 12, 2018, the West District Court of Zhangjiakou Bridge in Hebei Province issued a first instance judgment. For the crime of bribery committed by unit a, Haite Electronics Group and Shandong Shengong Haite Electronics Technology Company were fined 800,000 yuan respectively. The actual controller was imprisoned for one and a half years and suspended for two years.

Wang Baoan came out twice to say hello.

Guan Chengshan actually received more than 9 million subsidies

According to the testimony of Peng Mou, Guan Chengshans girlfriend, Wang Baobao, who met him through a friend in 2009, was then the director of the Department of Economic Construction of the Ministry of Finance.

The court found that in 2011, Guan Chengshan, together with his girlfriend Peng Mou, declared to the National Development and Reform Commission the project of lithium iron phosphate cathode material for high-performance lithium-ion power batteries. In order to obtain state approval, Wang Baoan, then Assistant Minister of finance, was asked to submit the project to the Industrial Department of the National Development and Reform Commission. Long greetings, thereby obtaining the state financial subsidy of 33.16 million yuan.

In 2012, Guan Chengshan and Peng Mou in Shandong Shengong Haite Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., under their actual control, asked Wang Baoan, then Vice-Minister of Finance, to assist the State in declaring the annual production of 500 million Ah lithium iron phosphate power battery project to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Science and Technology. The reward fund for technological innovation project of new energy automobile industry is 150 million yuan, and the actual allocation is 60 million yuan.

Wang Baoan confessed,

In 2011 and 2012, Guan Chengshan and Peng Mou came to me to help Guan Chengshans company win the national high-tech industry awards and subsidies policy. I helped them greet the main leaders of the Industrial Department of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Department of Economic Development and Construction of the Ministry of Finance to help them get the state subsidy smoothly.

Two surrogates gave birth to two boys at a cost of 3.46 million yuan

Wang Baoan confessed that when he chatted with Guan Chengshan and Peng Mou, he repeatedly expressed regret that he had no son. Guan Chengshan and Peng Mou, in order to thank me, seize the mentality that I want to have a son, put forward to give me a son in the way of surrogacy, I agreed.

According to the verdict, Peng found the first surrogate agency through online advertising in early 2012. Peng Mou and the surrogate agency have signed two surrogate agreements. The first one is a single one. The last one is that the unsuccessful surrogate agency is not responsible. The second one is the baby boy. There were two unsuccessful attempts during this period. Later, in January 2015, surrogate mothers became pregnant. The boy was born on September 28, 2015. The final surrogacy fee totaled 16.65 million yuan.

In addition, at the end of 2013, Peng Mou contacted another surrogate agency and said he wanted a boy. During the surrogate pregnancy, several embryo transfers were unsuccessful. About April 2015, pregnant women became pregnant. On January 18, 2016, pregnant women gave birth to a boy by caesarean section at Yanjiao Metallurgical Hospital.

Wang Baobao confessed that Peng arranged for him to take sperm in Beijing and Weifang of Shandong for several times and found the girl who provided eggs according to his request. During this period, he failed several times, but eventually gave birth to two boys on September 28, 2015 and January 18, 2016.

Wang Baobao said that I found someone to name the two children and went to see them in person. Through the information of other friends, I know that it costs 1 million yuan to keep a boy alive. In addition, I estimate that it costs more than 3 million yuan to keep a boy alive. But they didnt tell me the exact amount.

Wang Baoan painted a circle of luxury houses, the total cost is nearly 50 million yuan.

When the second son was born, Wang Baobao was 53 years old, but the joy of the old mans son lasted only a week, and Wang Baobao fell off the horse.

On January 26, 2016, the website of the Ministry of Supervision of the Central Discipline Commission announced that Wang Baobao, Secretary of the Party Group and Director-General of the National Statistical Bureau, is suspected of serious violations of discipline and is currently being investigated by the organization.

According to the investigation, Wang Baoan has no political beliefs and has been engaged in superstitious activities for a long time, violating political discipline and rules seriously, making statements against the spirit of the Central Committee on major issues and confronting organizational censorship; violating the spirit of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee, frequently entering and leaving high-end hotels and high-consumption entertainment places; morally deprived, engaging in power, sex and money. Sex trading; violation of organizational discipline, use the influence of position to seek benefits for relatives in cadre selection and appointment; violation of integrity discipline, use the convenience of position to seek benefits for relativesbusiness activities, accept gifts and gifts; use the convenience of position to seek benefits for others and accept property, suspected of bribery crime.

According to CCTV, Wang Baobao used his rights to do business and approve projects for some businessmen, while businessmen expressed their hearts by giving gifts such as luxury houses and cars. In order to avoid inspection, Wang Baobao never registered these luxury houses and cars under his name.

Among the luxury houses Wang Baoan received, one is located on the North Bank of Yuyuantan Park, the east side of which is close to Diaoyutai State Guest House. It is very close to his office, covering an area of 318 square meters, and the total cost of house purchase and decoration is nearly 50 million yuan.

For the origin of this luxury house, Wang Baoan explained: He (businessman) invested and developed a project in Jiangsu, which has been reported to the Ministry of Finance. I want to see if he can help to hurry up. In fact, just come and circle me.

In this way, Wang Baoan drew a circle on the paper with a pen, and a set of luxury houses came into hand.

In addition, Wang Baoan has been engaged in superstitious activities for a long time in order to prosper all the way through official capacity. On one occasion, he went to Mount Wutai to pray for God and worship Buddha. During this period, he also received 20,000 yuan of incense money from others.

Among Wang Baoans younger brothers, the second, the third and the fourth are in politics and business. Because Wang Baobao is a celebrity in his hometown, every time he returns to his hometown, some cadres go to visit in order to get closer to each other. He introduces his brothers to them.

Later, in order to promote his second and third brothers, Wang Baobao greeted the local cadres. He once said that even if he sat silent, it was influence.

Not only that, Wang Baoan also made huge profits for his four brothers.

When the four brothers in business needed a credit loan, Wang Baobao said to the local cadres, Man, do your best. In this way, his four younger brothers got a huge amount of credit as they wished. After that, Wang Baoans fourth brother did not pay back the interest on the loan. He knew that he had pushed it off completely and said, This is your business, you say it.

In May 2017, the Intermediate Peoples Court of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, tried Wang Baoans bribery case publicly. After investigation, Wang Baobao made use of his position convenience or the convenience conditions formed by his authority and position to provide assistance to relevant units and individuals in matters such as lottery sales, loan applications, project approval, land development, job enrollment and job adjustment through his actions in other state functionariespositions, and illegally collected them. He was sentenced to life imprisonment at the first instance for his property amounting to more than 153 million yuan.

Source: Responsible Editor of Daily Economic News: Han Yukun_NBJ11142