Is it too long to be photographed? Friends, do you really know what you look like?

 Is it too long to be photographed? Friends, do you really know what you look like?

The statement that you are not real in the mirror is related to the exposure effect.

What is exposure effect? Simply put, people will like a familiar thing. For example, when you meet a familiar old friend of the opposite sex in a distant country, your friendship can easily spark love in this rare sense of familiarity. We do the same for our faces.

I dont know if you have found that you always look a little better in the mirror than you do in the camera. What we see in the mirror is reversed from left to right. We often look in the mirror to become familiar with ourselves in the mirror, and then we feel good about ourselves. That is, the more we look, the more pleasant we are. In the photo, you are just the opposite of you in the mirror, so the problems of high and low eyebrows, big and small eyes, crooked eyes and so on are highlighted. Because you seldom see the state in the picture, you will have a feeling of how ugly Emma took me in this picture.

In addition, when looking at a portrait, the brain will first deal with the five features with strong characteristics. Once it conforms to the results of the brains usual processing, it will consciously filter out the actual unreal content. When people look in the mirror more, the brain thinks that you are in the normal state. When everything changes, the only thing that comes with it is the ___________. Ugly. For example, in this way__

Since you are not real in the mirror, what about in the picture? In fact, you are not real in the photos, which is related to change, angle, filter, beauty, PS...

Girls who take photos slightly studied should know which angle to show their legs long, which angle to show faces small, which angle to show people thin. These carefully selected angles and actions can not really reflect a persons appearance, and even to a large extent optimize a persons appearance. Plus now the filter, beauty, the authenticity of the photo is less than 10%.

The original blind date, with photos to find people to harvest are surprises; now blind date, with photos to find people to harvest are frightened. After all, in the world of some girls, even ID photos can be beautiful.

So how do you know what you really look like? In fact, its very simple.

Take out your mobile phone and use the rear lens of the mobile phone to record the video. Its best to be as high as the human head. The distance should be over 3.5m. The environment light should be soft. The range of motion should make people in the center of the imaging area as far as possible. If the automatic white balance is not accurate, it can be adjusted manually to be close to the observation of the human eye. When people move, they must be natural. As usual, they should look at the lens as the eyes of their friends. After recording, click playback. This is you in the eyes of others. Does it look good, too?

As for how good you look in the eyes of others... Its hard to say, everyones criteria are different, after all, in the eyes of the lover can also be Xishi?

In fact, peoples aesthetics are really different. Many times, people you think are good-looking become ordinary, okay and ugly in the eyes of others. The aesthetics of different regions are also very different. For example, have you found that the Chinese Beauty that foreigners have identified is not very attractive? Why is there such a difference? Pay attention to the public number QUSHISHI, reply to Beauty, come get new knowledge together!

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