Dry Mother took away a 2-year-old girl and lied that she would send her birth mother back to the police when she was on the high-speed railway.

 Dry Mother took away a 2-year-old girl and lied that she would send her birth mother back to the police when she was on the high-speed railway.

In July this year, the case of Chunan GirlsLoss in Hangzhou caused a sensation in the whole country. After a couple of men and women living in a hotel and a 9-year-old girl, Zhang Zixins grandmother, became familiar with each other, they rented and lived in her home. Soon after, they took their children to Shanghai for a wedding banquet. Since then, the father of the child has repeatedly urged the two to take their daughter back, but the two tenants delayed time on the pretext of not being able to buy tickets and so on. Later, two tenants committed suicide by diving and the girl disappeared. It was not until many days after the police intervened that the girls body was found and the child died unfortunately.

Ms. Lang of Neijiang, Sichuan, also experienced a similar nightmare.

In April 2017, a stranger, Lei Mou, met her in a hotel. A year later, the two people had contacts and became familiar with each other. Lei Mou also considered herself the stepmother of Ms. Langs 2-year-old daughter. Unexpectedly, it was this fucking mother who took her daughter by herself. In the meantime, when she repeatedly asked Leimou to bring back her daughter, Leimou cheated for various reasons, trying to delay time...

Ms. Lang

Fortunately, Ms. Lang noticed that something was wrong and called the police in time. The local police, together with the railway police, will be heading to Leimou on the Hubei high-speed railway to block and find Ms. Langs daughter.

At present, Leimou is sentenced to two yearsimprisonment by the court for the crime of abducting children.

The Dry Mother that the hotel knows takes away her daughter

All kinds of reasons deceive delays and do not return

Ms. Lang and Ms. Lei have to start from April 2017.

At that time, Mrs. Lang, who was doing business with her husband in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, took her daughter back to Neijiang and stayed with her sister, Li Mou, while Lei Mou was a frequent guest in a hotel run by Li Mou. Once they knew each other, they became familiar with each other. To Ms. Langs surprise, in the following three months, Lei Mou was very good to her daughter Niu, bought toys and snacks, and called her Niu Er.

In September 2017, when Ms. Lang returned to Dongguan, Lei Mou was working in a toy factory in Dongguan. Because they are not far apart, they have more contacts. Although they do not meet many times, Leimou often chats with Niuniu by video. Every time he watches Niuniu, he buys some toys and other gifts and plays with her. Shes very kind to her baby and always wants to be a fucking mother. Although Ms. Lang did not agree, Leimou has always been a dry mother with Niu, and let Niu call her dry mother.

However, when she returned to Neijiang last September, Ms. Lang experienced a nightmare.

At that time, Ms. Lang in Guangdong returned to her old home in Neijiang with her 2-year-old daughter Niu Niu (a pseudonym) and stayed at her sisters home. Just back, Lei Mou, a migrant worker, learnt the news while chatting with her on video, and returned to Neijiang to see Niu Niu on the grounds of a long National Day holiday.

On September 26, Leimou rushed back to Neijiang and, as usual, brought gifts to Niu. On September 27, Lei Mou asked Ms. Lang and Li Mou to accompany him to see a second-hand house on the grounds that he planned to buy a second-hand house in the urban area of Neijiang. After lunch, Ms. Yinlang washed the dishes and looked at the store. Li accompanied Lei Mou to the intermediary to look at the room, and took Niu Niu with her.

But after going out, Li Mou returned to the toilet because of stomachache. Lei Mou let Li Mou return first. He accompanied Niu Niu in a rocker at a shop downstairs. He said that he would take Niu back after the last time. But half an hour later, when she did not see her daughter back, Ms. Lang called Leimou, who claimed to be repairing his cell phone and returned at 4 p.m. Since then, Ms. Lang has repeatedly urged Leimou to bring back Niuniu, but Leimou first said that she would bring it back later, and then said that a friend invited her to dinner and needed to be late. By 10 p.m., Lei claimed that he had returned to his hometown in Neijiang, and no car had returned to the city.

I asked her where she was and I got a car to pick them up, but she hung up the phone. At this time, Ms. Lang still did not expect that Leimou would run away with her children.

Mother perceives wrong alarm

When the high-speed train was blocked, she claimed that her daughter was hers.

That night, Leimou did not bring back Niu Niu, Ms. Lang also had some worries. Early the next morning, Ms. Lang dialed Leimous phone, and the other side said that she was on the bus and could bring her back to Niu Niu at 9 oclock. At this time, Ms. Lang realized that things were wrong and was very anxious. Its impossible to keep making excuses and not bring the baby back?

In fact, Lei Mou took Niu to Chongqing by high-speed railway that day. Early in the morning of September 28, she had already taken Niu to the high-speed railway in Chongqing to Hongan County, Hubei Province, so she had been looking for various reasons to stop and delay. When Ms. Lang repeatedly asked the other party to send her back by 11 oclock and claimed to call the police, Leimou finally told the truth that she had sat on the high-speed railway to Hongan County, Hubei Province, and took a photo of a ticket to Honganxi in northern Chongqing to pass it to Ms. Lang. Lei also said that her uncle in Hubei had his 60th birthday. She took Niu to celebrate her birthday and took Niu to travel.

Lei Mou took Niu Nius high-speed rail ticket from North Chongqing to Honganxi

Through ticket information, Ms. Lang found that the arrival time of Leimou and Niu Niu on the high-speed railway was about 2 p.m. that day. After discussing with her sister, at 11 a.m., Ms. Lang went to the Chengnan Police Station of Neijiang City Central District to report to the police. After the police filed the case, they quickly contacted the Hongan police in Hubei Province. After 1 p.m. that day, the railway police found Lei Mou and Niu Niu on the train.

But what puzzles the railway police is that Niu Niu is called Leimous mother. At that time, the police asked her what the baby was. She said it was hers. She was born. Ms. Lang said that in the past few days, Lei Mou in the video including Huineijiang saw Niu Niu, Niu Niu has been asked to call her mother. On the same day, Ms. Lang and the police of the police station rushed to Hongan County and finally met her daughter. Ms. Lang also said that when Leimou saw her, she knelt down and said that she was not selling dolls, but taking them to play.

Ms. Lang couldnt understand that she took Lei Mou as a friend, but Lei Mou took her daughter to Hubei without her consent. And a sentence from the railway police made her even more afraid. They said I was lucky to call the police in time, otherwise I would never find them when she got out of the car.

Dry Mother Brings Girls for Marriage to Deceive a Boyfriend

Two yearsimprisonment for child abduction

Born in 1984 in Yangjiazhen, Dongxing District, Neijiang City, Leimou was arrested by the police and detained on September 30 last year on suspicion of kidnapping children.

At the trial of the Peoples Court of the Central District of Neijiang City, Lei Mou said that she had not abducted Niu Niu, and took her away with the consent of her guardian, without any abduction. She just wanted to take Niu Niu to Hongan County, Hubei Province, to show her boyfriend and family, and then she would take Niu Niu back to Neijiang.

Lei Mou in Court Trial

So, what the hell is going on?

The court found that in order to achieve the goal of marrying her boyfriend, Leimou deceived her boyfriend by saying that she had given birth to a baby girl, and repeatedly lied to her boyfriend that she was the daughter of two people. After learning the news of her boyfriends fathers birthday, Leimou wanted to take Niu to Hongan County, Hubei Province, to convince her boyfriend and his family that she had fabricated a lie that had given birth to a daughter for her boyfriend, so as to achieve the goal of marriage.

Last September 26, Lei Mou returned to Neijiang and stayed in a hotel run by his sister, Li Mou. The next day, Lei Mou purchased second-hand houses in Neijiang on the pretext of inviting Li Mou to go out to see the house, and took Niu Niu with her colleagues. Thereafter, Leimou took advantage of the opportunity of Li Mou to go to the toilet and took Niu Niu away and fled to Chongqing. On September 28, Lei Mou arrived in Hongan County, Hubei Province, with Niu on the D2214 train from Chongqing North to Honganxi Station.

Regarding Lei Mous alleged non-abduction, the court found out on the basis of several evidences that Lei Mou took Niu Niu away from Neijiang without informing her guardian, and delayed the time by deception at the repeated request of Nius family, refusing to return her, so that minors under 14 years of age could leave their guardian. Therefore, the court held that Leimous act had constituted the crime of abducting children.

Finally, the court sentenced Leimou to two yearsimprisonment for kidnapping children. According to the relevant person in charge of Neijiang City Central District Peoples Court, Lei Mou did not appeal.

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