After busy, dozens of Hangzhou Armed Police Forces went to sleep directly on the ground to fight against the typhoon.

 After busy, dozens of Hangzhou Armed Police Forces went to sleep directly on the ground to fight against the typhoon.

The lights are about to go out. Young officers and soldiers who have been tired for a day are taking advantage of a little time to gossip. Several young men are admitted to the military academy, discussing how to report to the school after the mission is over. They are more likely to eat. They are talking about the difference between Linan local cuisine and their hometown. They are hungry when they talk about it.

Tomorrow at 6 a.m., they will continue to assist villagers in clearing mud, rushing through village roads and rebuilding their homes.

Compared with the storm four days ago,

The sky in Linan is calm today.

With the rapid restoration of roads, power supply, water supply and communications in the whole region

Villagerslife is slowly approaching the right track.

On August 14, the reporter recorded the scene of Linan disaster.

Days rescue

In the afternoon, reporters walked into Yinkeng Village, Shizhen Island, where the disaster was most serious and vehicles were unable to enter. Mud deposited on both sides of the mountain road has been cleared, and electricity and communication in the village have been restored.

Near the village, the traces of the disaster are still there. Cars damaged by the flash floods are temporarily abandoned on the roadside. The small river is the furniture and daily necessities of the villagershomes. Villagers are still busy washing their doors, talking to people around them from time to time. The doors are open and the mud marks left by the mountain torrents on the walls are as high as one person.

Air-dried armed police uniforms covered the terraces of houses

Every night, more than twenty officers and soldiers sleep on the ground.

Facing the village committee of Yinkeng Village is Fang Jiangrongs home. Next door is Fangs semi-finished house with three floors. The balustrades of the third floor platform are covered with armed police uniforms washed and aired.

Its another batch that just arrived today. Our house is empty and the mattress will let them live for a while.

Fang Jiangrong took us in. In a few rooms, more than twenty marching bags were neatly leaning against the corner of the wall. They reasonably helped our village so much for four or five days. We should wash their clothes, but they said no!

Fang Jiangrong said in unskilled Mandarin, Yes, you can. I cleaned on the second floor platform, and they took my broom. My son and daughter-in-law are all in Hangzhou. To tell the truth, they are tired after so many days. At lunch, they said, Uncle, whats your job? Lets help you. I said no, dont do it.

Halogen vendors entered the village on the first day of the day

Villager: Seeing him coming, it seems as if life is coming back soon.

The village road is muddy, material transport vehicles, dredging vehicles are carefully intersected and driven by. Journalists wear sandals on the road, and their feet are muddy in a few steps.

A halogen-flavored farm tricycle came bumping across the road and pulled over. Soon, the villagers gathered around and weighed a little. Next to the excavator is carrying out dredging operations, roaring. The master cut several pieces of soy sauce duck into the foam box, and threw it off a little bit.

Master Qin, an Anhui native who sells bittern, has been in Shidao for 15 years. He is very familiar with this village. He once came to the village every other day to sell it. My family lives a little below the Yinkeng, and its flooded. A tricycle and more than a hundred coal cakes have all been filled up. Master Qin said, Two days ago, there was no way in. Today, we made a new batch of sauced ducks to sell them.

Today is the first day after the disaster, Master Qin came into the village. There were many cars in the village. It used to be very quiet here. It was the first village of hickory. There were only a lot of people playing hickory. My price has never changed. People here are simple and they all recognize me.

A village cadre with a dumb throat came over wearing high rubber shoes and asked for some duck collarbone. He waited for bagging time to tell me that there were many cars carrying silt to deliver goods in these two days. He directed the intersection and backing up on the road, helped clear the mud in the village and lost his voice. Today, he seems to be the first day to see his car coming in. It feels like life is coming back soon. He took the bag duck collarbone, paid 20 yuan, and walked away with a smile.

The Fan Factory in Yinkeng Village has suffered considerable losses.

The boss is optimistic: what cant be overcome, just try hard

To our surprise, there is also a fan processing factory exporting to Japan and Korea in the small Yinkeng village.

In the past two days, every household is cleaning up mud and garbage at their doorstep, and Hans boss and wife are no exception. However, they are not residents of the village, but from Shizhen Island. Four or five years ago, they took a look at the size of Yinkeng Village and rented a shop here, specializing in fan business.

The disaster caused by the typhoon caused a lot of damage to the processing shops of the couple: the wooden shelves for the fans were all silt, the bundled brown bands were broken, and the paper and bamboo silk used for the fans were also soaked in the water, which was useless.

Today, the couple drove a minivan, swaying all the way into the village, ready to take the fan rack back to the island stone. The landlady sighed as she lifted the shelf to her husband.

Han said he wanted to go back to Yinkeng yesterday. The couple also purchased some boxes of water to bring them to their neighbors. Later, they drove to the foot of the mountain and the traffic police refused to let them go up.

These losses are really not serious, customers there urgently, this is annoying. The landlady took out her cell phone and brushed the chat record of the tweet. When the client asked me why I didnt deliver the goods, I showed them the video.

Boss Han has more than 20 shelves, and his annual production is even more astonishing: in the off-season this year, he made about one million fans last year. Generally, the major customers are in Yiwu Ningbo, and the products will be exported to Korea and Japan.

Yinkeng is mainly used as the production and processing point of Hans boss. Its not easy for small stores to make 600,000 fans a year. Despite the accident, the couple is optimistic: what cant be overcome, there is still more than a month to go in summer, and then try to make money.

Village cadres are busy with post-disaster work

My family was flooded and I had no time to take care of it.

The reporter met Fang Yinshan, a member of the Yinkeng Village Committee in the village. Fang Yinshans family lives nearby. His wife owns a small shop. Two ice containers, goods, a Guangben car, a van and two tricycles are all washed away. Anyway, dont say anything else, he laughs. The loss is still a little big.

These two days, Fang Yinshan and the village secretary jointly organized the village Party members and cadres to carry out self-rescue, dredging and transporting materials. Like many village cadres, Fang Yinshan left his wife to take care of his time when his family was flooded.

On the day of the mountain flood, Fang Yinshan and the village committee were organizing anti-typhoon and anti-flood activities in the village. When the mountain flood came, he received a phone call from his wife. He was in trouble. The first floor of his family was flooded. I said you dont mind. Its important to run to the second floor to save your life.

The previous few days, there was no signal, Fang Yinshans daughter in Canada has been unable to contact the home, Probably yesterday or the day before yesterday, she sent a video and I received it, the first sentence is that nobody is okay? I see her tears are coming up.

At 7 p.m., it was dark in Yinkeng Village.

The villagershouses were lighted sporadically.

Excavators are still clearing silt.

In an instant, a row of street lights on the village road also turned on.

With the thunder of machinery, some people were drinking porridge with bowls in front of the door. Under the Yellow tungsten lamp, a family set up a table in front of the house.

More than 20 officers and soldiers of the Armed Police Mobile Detachment of the Zhejiang Command returned and marched in front of Fangjiang Rongjias entrance, stamping their feet and shaking mud full of shoes, ready to enter the house. The captain shouted, Take your towels, be quiet and take a bath.

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