How do we record those stories out of sight?

 How do we record those stories out of sight?

Zhang Neixian, formerly known as Zhang Yu, is a PE teacher of Xinhua Primary School in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

Zhang Neixian said that taking pictures made him find a way to express himself. Four years later, Zhang Neixian continues to take pictures of childrens perspective of the world through Reno mobile phone. He uses these pictures to piece together and restore the appearance of the childrens world and convey ideas beyond the horizon. He hopes that you can follow the childrens perspective to find another face in the world.

Zhang Neixians picture taken with Reno

Freedom should be an opportunity to make ourselves better.

u2014u2014 Camus, French Existentialist Literature Master

Today we can enjoy the freedom of creating, recording and expressing with images, no longer confined to equipment, no longer restricted to identity, no longer worried about missing out on every wonderful moment, we are ordinary and extraordinary.

Keep curious

Restore the World in Childrens Eyes with Mobile Phone Lens

With the development of mobile image, more and more young photographers take mobile phones as their first choice when exploring cities. No need to carry heavy equipment, no need to worry about missing out on great moments, reduce the difficulty of creation, while expanding the space for people to express and innovate.

With the lowering of the technical threshold of image creation, not only those who master technology and equipment can voice for themselves, as long as they have a mobile phone, everyone can record life and express life through their own lens. This is the case with amateur photographer Zhang Neixian.

In this era of smartphone dominance, superb photography skills and leading equipment are no longer the label of photographers. The convenience of mobile phone photography makes it the preferred recording method for many people. Shutter fixed the moving moment in everyones heart, and ordinary equipment and occupation can also bring touching works. Light and composition are not as attractive as childrens smiles and figures. Unfortunately, Zhang Neixian is very good at capturing the real beautiful moments in life. The children under his lens have the innocence and freedom that adults envy. Jumping out of the inherent perspective of observing the world, ordinary people can also become the creators and expressors of images. Each of us will be the Zhang Neixian of our own life.

Outside the horizon

Visually impaired people record moving moments with images

Choose the moment of pressing the shutter, a feeling of interaction between various integrated senses and life, give me the happiness of image creation, encourage more ordinary people like me, press the shutter, catch the fragments of their lives.

Through OPPORenos lens, Cai Cong, a visually impaired photographer, uses images to record and express precious moments in life and to show his out of sight.

Low vision non-visual photographer Cai Cong

Instead of using a mirror, Xiao Jia uses touch and memory to make up for herself.

There is no difference in the love of beauty.

Training the blind to use mobile phones

See the world with your ears

Use computers in the Office

Blindly typed words speak

Running on the street

The moment of running is the spark of life.

Tune the piano by listening and touching

Every piano chord speaks.

Blind Adventurer Climbing

Shooting Fu Gaoshans Teaching Blind Friends

We all live with our hearts

Internet social networking has entered a new era. The content of social media has become more and more important. The requirement for photos has also changed from good-looking to stories. It is more attractive to express stories and convey moods through photos.

In May this year, OPPO launched the Out of Horizon Video Creation Competition. In more than two months, it collected many valuable moments recorded by mobile phones. From August 16 to August 18, OPPO will hold SEEBEYOND Image Exhibition in Fuji Bell Tower, Changning, Shanghai, to convey the love and touching of ordinary peoples works under camera to more people. This is beyond the horizon. Behind every picture, there are precious youth and splendid life of ordinary people.

Jiang Hao, Director of OPPO Image Products, once said, In the era of information flow, OPPO constantly strives to achieve a higher quality of image, capturing visual symbols as quickly as possible in a short time to help every ordinary person express themselves. In the future, OPPO is confident to lead consumers on a longer road.

A person, a cell phone, a group of photos, a story, a mood, which is something that everyone of us can have, and we can all show. So, as a vegetarian photographer, can you share your works and your stories?

Source: Global Tech Responsible Editor: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279