5G mobile phone is coming! When will consumer demand erupt?

 5G mobile phone is coming! When will consumer demand erupt?

Hou Enlong, president of Suning Easy-to-buy, made it clear that in 818 this year, Huawei Mate20X5G version, as well as 5G mobile phones of Vivo and Samsung brands, will log on to Suning. By September, more than 200 Suning 5G experience stores will open. Other e-commerce platforms also have their own countermeasures, such as Jingdong, which has launched a 5-second killing campaign for 10,000 mobile phones.

Behind the bustling promotions, we see 5G mobile phone products rushing to the market. Xiang Ligang, director of Zhongguancun Information Consumption Alliance, is very optimistic about the development of 5G. He said that the e-commerce platform will be the first salute for the sale of 5G mobile phones.

It is certain that the first wave of 5G mobile phone purchases will soon be formed in the future. Of course, first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou will perform more prominently, and second-tier cities may have to wait a while.

Ji Yongqing, an IT observer, said that in the first half of this year, the overall situation of the domestic mobile phone market was not optimistic. The listing of 5G mobile phones has injected new strength into the mobile phone market as well as into the e-commerce platform.

From the current situation of Chinas mobile phone market, the first half of the situation is not very good, indeed need new selling points to pull the market. 5G is a good selling point, but the pull power depends not only on the promotion of e-commerce, but also on the current network construction. Although e-commerce is boosting directly, the sales of 5G mobile phones will not be very large this year. Judging from the annual sales of 400 million mobile phones in China, it is quite good that 5G mobile phones can reach 8 million this year. With 5G network coverage getting better and better, it is expected that next year will be an explosive year.

The 5G era has come. Apart from 5G mobile phones, 5G packages are also on the line. Next month, China Telecom will launch 5G packages and special numbers in Beijing, and 5G mobile phones will also be on the shelves in the business hall in these two days. Faced with the surging tide of 5G, the launch of related products at this time just finds an outlet for everyones needs.

Xiang Ligang said that the domestic telecommunications market environment is very positive, as long as the support of the telecommunications network, 5G mobile phone consumption demand, will quickly translate into real sales and profits.

Users have a strong desire for 5G, and many consumers are willing to be the first to join the 5G camp. This atmosphere is very good, as long as the 5G network can enter, packages begin to appear, mobile phones can be listed, soon will form a wave of 5G mobile phone buying boom.

For those who are going to change their mobile phones recently, there will be a happy annoyance for everyone. Should we buy a 4G mobile phone quickly or endure it again and buy a 5G mobile phone in a short time? As Xiang Ligang saw, many people choose to buy a 5G mobile phone as soon as possible in order to enter the 5G era at the first time.

Every generation of mobile communications follow-up will usher in a wave of change, and even a large number of mobile phone manufacturers will be re-shuffled, which is a basic sign. For consumers, we all look forward to 5G mobile phones. Even some consumers think that it may take some time to build 5G network, but if you change a 4G mobile phone, when 5G network is built, you will not be able to use it. It is better to change a 5G mobile phone, first use a period of 4G network, and then wait for 5G network, you will not need to change it. Its new.

The analysis shows that the consumption demand brought by 5G will not be exhausted at once. With the continuous enrichment and perfection of infrastructure and application scenarios, the consumption boom of 5G mobile phones will gradually increase. Ji Yongqing said that how wonderful the 5G mobile phone market is will be seen more clearly next year.

For ordinary consumers, the willingness to change 5G this year will not be too high, but it will be different next year. Network coverage, mobile phone prices, usage scenarios and other issues will be solved to a certain extent, so next year will be a year of 5G mobile phone explosion.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of CCTV: Ding Guangsheng_NT1941