The average monthly salary of Tencent employees is 74.8 million? We looked at its financial report.

 The average monthly salary of Tencent employees is 74.8 million? We looked at its financial report.

Not frightened by the number, but it seems that the number is slightly different from the figure we read the Tencent financial report yesterday.

Last night, Tencent released its Q2 quarterly earnings report for 2009, which refers to the number of employees and total salaries as usual: Tencent Group currently has 56,310 employees, an increase of 7626 new employees from 48,684 last year; the total compensation cost in the first half is RMB 24.259 billion.

Therefore, last night we also calculated according to the usual practice: according to Tencents first quarter earnings report, the total salary of Tencent in the first quarter is 11.616 billion yuan, so the total salary of Tencent in the second quarter should be 12.643 billion yuan, the average monthly salary should be 74.8 million yuan, more than 71 million yuan!

Your excellency, there must be something strange about this matter! _____________

The income of employees in Ali, Tencent, Huawei and other companies has always been a topic of public concern.

Therefore, as soon as the financial reports of these enterprises are issued, the media will be keen to calculate the average monthly salary according to the total number of employees and the total salary.

In the first quarter, after Tencents financial report was issued, we immediately calculated the average monthly salary of Tencent employees: 709,000. After the figures came out, they attracted wide attention. Many netizens ridiculed that poverty limited imagination.

Later, many Tencent employees came out to dispel rumors that their salaries were not so high at all, and that this was the average number of executives.

In fact, even without considering that executives have raised their average salary, this average value is still inappropriate as an average monthly salary. After all, in the part of salary expenditure, there are five insurance and one fund, training fee, catering fee and so on.

However, even with these 74,800 monthly salaries, it is still a very stunning figure: Tencent employees are well paid!

QQ falls again after returning light

Twenty-year-old QQ has once again entered a downturn.

Tencent Groups second quarter earnings showed that QQs monthly active accounts were 808 million, up 0.6% year-on-year, but fell 1.8% from 823 million in the first quarter. QQs monthly active account number of smart terminals is 707 million, down 0.3% year on year. QQ space smart terminal monthly active account number compared with the previous quarter, a decline of 3.2%.

Several core data, QQ is declining.

In Q1 quarter, QQs monthly active users grew faster than Wechats: on March 31, 2019, QQs monthly active users reached 823 million, an increase of 16 million, or 2% over 807 million on December 31, 2009; on March 31, 2019, WeChat and Wechat merged, their monthly active users grew by 11.11 million, or 14.1 million, or 13% over December 31, last years 1,097.6 billion. u3002

Since 2018, Tencents financial report has repeatedly mentioned QQs achievements in the post-2000 and post-95 consumer Internet markets.

Earlier this May, QQ released its Post-00 social report, showing that active users aged 21 and younger grew by 16% and 13% respectively in the third and fourth quarters of 2018. QQ as a comprehensive information flow product built inside the QQ of mobile phone, the proportion of 95 has reached 7.

Now it seems that QQ, which wants to stick to young people, is still facing severe user growth anxiety. However, QQ is still very positive about its direction of development, that is, to build a young peoples economic empire to constantly meet the needs of young peoples personality expression, social interaction and emotional precipitation.

At Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference in May this year, Tencent Vice President Liang Zhu further disclosed the future of QQ and commercial ideas.

Among them, the original QQ space H5 mini-game upgraded to the QQ mini-game center online, QQ into the small program action is highly anticipated. Liang Zhu said, Platform will take out 1 billion traffic to promote and distribute small games, through which we will be able to achieve 1 billion commercial share.

According to the data released on the spot, QQ space H5 mini-game monthly live users have exceeded 300 million, a number of head products revenue exceeded 10 million.

Over 30 billion yuan of foreign investment in half a year

Tencent, the King of Hong Kong Stocks in the first half of its investment performance is still absolute.

The results show that Tencent invested 16.801 billion yuan in the first half of this year to make a number of new and additional investments in listed and unlisted enterprises mainly operating in the United States, China and other Asian countries. Investments are focused on social networking, Internet platforms, technology and other Internet-related businesses.

Several figures add up. Even if the extra investment made by Tencent to the joint venture company is not counted, Tencent Groups foreign investment in the first half of the year has exceeded RMB 31.2 billion.

One bright spot in the earnings report is that in the first half of this year, a A-share listed company invested by Tencent completed its major asset restructuring and acquired all the shares held by Tencent in a joint venture company through share swap. After the reorganization, Tencent Group received about 5% of the common shares issued by the listed company, with a value of about 3.526 billion yuan. This investment income is included in Tencents financial assets, which are measured at fair value and whose changes are included in other comprehensive returns.

On June 8, 2018, Tencent again attacked Tianshili, a pharmaceutical listed company. Then on June 9, Tencent invested 299.7 million yuan, transferring part of the management share of Changshan Beiming Companys shareholders to 2.24% of the companys total equity at the price of 8.1 yuan per share.

From Beijing East, Drop Drop, Mei Tuan, Pingduo and other Internet center enterprises, to several listed companies such as Reading Group, Sogou, Hima Ophthalmology, Dali Dali, Spotify, Huya, Yinghe, etc., to the new stars of shell housing, tea, praise and prosperity, Tencent Empires investment network has touched thousands of people. Ten thousand enterprises.

Gross interest rate of financial science and technology and enterprise services is relatively stable

One of the highlights of this quarters earnings report is that Tencents financial technology and enterprise services continue to show a strong growth momentum, achieving revenue of 22.888 billion yuan, an increase of 37% year on year, accounting for 26% of the total revenue. Compared with the previous quarter, the revenue of this business was 21.789 billion yuan, an increase of 4.8%.

In the second quarter, Tencents revenue cost of financial technology and enterprise services was 17.391 billion yuan, up nearly half from the same period last year, reaching 41%. Tencents contribution is due to the expansion of Groups financial technology and cloud services.

Another concern is that the cost of financial technology and enterprise services accounts for 76%. Last year Q2, the revenue cost of this part was 12.327 billion yuan, accounting for 74% of the total cost. In other words, Tencents gross margin on financial technology and corporate services is relatively stable.

Before Tencents Q4 of 2018, the business income was actually counted in other income lists, and Tencents financial report did not spend too much money to describe it. But in September last year, Tencent carried out the third organizational restructuring, set up cloud and smart industry group (CSIG), integrated Tencents basic capabilities of cloud, location services, security, big data, etc., determined to embrace the industrial Internet in an all-round way. Since Q1 this year, financial technology and enterprise services have been counted as financial reports. The main revenue is emphasized.

Tencent said in its financial report that in terms of financial technology services, the number of users, merchants, transaction volume and revenue paid by businesses have increased rapidly, which has promoted this part of revenue. By the end of the second quarter, Tencent Wealth Management Platforms total customer assets exceeded 800 million yuan. In financial technology business, we will still focus on risk management to maintain the long-term development of the platform.

In terms of enterprise services, as Tencent expands its sales team and product types to obtain more major technology and large-scale contracts, the revenue of cloud business has increased steadily year on year. Tencent has also deepened its penetration into SMEscustomers by establishing close partnerships with independent software development business agents. In the future, cloud-based development toolkits will be further strengthened to help small program developers achieve more efficient development and maintenance.

According to Qiu Yuepeng, vice president of Tencent and President of Tencent Cloud, the total number of servers on Tencents network has exceeded 1 million, which is the first company in China with a total number of servers exceeding 1 million, and also one of the five companies with a total number of servers exceeding 1 million in the world.