There are different opinions on the causes of the mysterious death of a 15-year-old British girl in Malaysia.

 There are different opinions on the causes of the mysterious death of a 15-year-old British girl in Malaysia.

Its heartbreaking that Nora Quillin, a British disabled girl who disappeared at a resort hotel in Malaysia earlier this month, was confirmed dead after a 10-day search. Noras death left many doubts. Her body was found naked. Local media said that the nature of the case has changed from a missing person to a criminal case, believing that the victim may have been kidnapped before his death, and the case needs further investigation.

The 15-year-old Nora took a vacation with her family in Malaysia on March 3 and stayed at the Dushun Hotel in Senmei Lanzhou, the BBC reported Wednesday. Unexpectedly, on the first day of this long-planned overseas trip, a major accident occurred: around 8:30 a.m. on the 4th, parents were surprised to find that the windows of the room where their daughter lived were wide open, but no one was seen. This situation made her parents anxious: Nora was born with total forebrain deformity. Her brain was dysplasia, hard to move, and her communication and writing skills were extremely limited. Her daily life needed special care from her guardian.

After the parents called the police, the police conducted a preliminary investigation in Noras room. Since no signs of intrusion were found and the parents said they had not heard any unusual noise the night before, the case was characterized as a missing person. It is speculated that Nora might wake up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable with the unfamiliar surroundings and run out of the window by herself. Nevertheless, such a characterization has provoked discontent among Noras family: her parents say that her daughter would not dare to go to her garden without her family. It is understood that forest eco-tourism is one of the signboards of the local resort. The hotel where a family stays is surrounded by a lush tropical rain forest. There are certain dangers in the forest environment, including wild boar and monkeys.

CNN reported that Britain, France and Ireland had dispatched police to assist in the search and rescue work that followed. Originally, the Noras were an international family - she grew up in London, but her mother was Irish and her father was French. Nora used an Irish passport during her trip to Malaysia. To intensify the search, Noras family offered a reward of 50,000 ringgit (about 84,000 yuan) on the 12th. Local volunteers were widely recruited. The size of the search and rescue team increased rapidly from more than 100 people to 350 people. Helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, search and rescue dogs and heat detectors were also used. In particular, Wulitou said that Shaman, a local practitioner in a special industry, had also participated in the search and rescue, and that the girl had been tempted by the elves when she left the hotel.

As the search and rescue work entered the tenth day, the bad news came. According to the Daily Mail, Noras body was found by several volunteers at a waterfall in the forest, about two kilometers from the hotel where the family stayed. Surprisingly, the girls body was found naked. Local police quickly dispatched helicopters to transport the body to a nearby hospital, claiming that an autopsy would take place on the 14th to determine the cause of her death. Up to the time of publication, the results of autopsy had not yet been published.

In fact, the Malay police have changed their direction in the search and rescue process and treated the case as a potential kidnapping incident, the BBC said. They searched the hotel staffs residences and questioned taxi drivers who had served a family. The National Police Headquarters in Oman, Bukit, Malaysia, which is equivalent to the FBI in the United States, also collected files of local paedophiles and other former convicts for investigation one by one.

According to Malaysias New Straits Times on the 14th, after learning about Noras death, Queen Amina of Malaysia published a tweet expressing her sorrow to the families of the deceased. Irish President Higgins and Prime Minister Valladka sent their best wishes and thanked Malaysia for its search and rescue efforts. In a statement issued by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs, the French police who cooperated with the search and rescue work will continue to listen to the dispatch and co-investigation of the case by the Malaysian authorities in order to find out the truth at an early date. The St. Peters High School in London, where Nora was a student, was opened to the public on the 13th, inviting nearby residents to pray for the unfortunate girl.

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