Round Table Duel in Apostle 2 Gu Hui Wu Tie Triangle

 Round Table Duel in Apostle 2 Gu Hui Wu Tie Triangle

The climax of the shootout was the first time that the three movie emperors had confronted each other in a narrow way. The strong fireworks in the big gallery, the strong tones in the pictures and the tripod position are all full of the flavor of the classic Hong Kong films. Do you think I doubted you two? Wu Zhenyu, who plays Master Gu and Hui, once tortured, brought the story into the suspicion of Boyuns sophisticated prophecy. And Gu Tianle said, Kill him! Are you crazy? he said to Zhang Jiahui. It also pushed the tension to a climax. With the drastic drumming of the soundtrack progressing, the three film emperors drew their guns at the same time, and a big battle began...

Actor 2: The Espionage Shadow Act retains three classic elements of the previous work: police bandits, undercover, brotherhood, as well as the gold medal lineup of directors and actors, but unfolds the story with a brand-new character relationship. Brothersbattlefield has also changed from Brazil to Myanmar and Spain. Zhang Jiahui, Gutianle and Wu Zhenyus Iron Triangle will play a new role in spy film.

The film originated from the accidental separation of a childhood partner. Thirty years later, due to a crime, the former brothers met again, but they were in different camps. With the deepening of criminal investigation, a terrorist organization hidden behind the scenes for many years has gradually emerged. The film slogan reunited by different ways, but it seems to imply that no matter where they are in different camps, brotherhood will never be abandoned.

It is reported that Actor 2: Espionage landed on the national courtyard on August 7 and is currently in hot screening.

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