Peoples Network Comments: General Secretarys letter cohesive force, we are all recipients of letters

 Peoples Network Comments: General Secretarys letter cohesive force, we are all recipients of letters

It is a valuable inheritance to realize new value in the new coordinates. Is the spirit of reclamation out of date? Is volunteerism worth promoting? Should patriotism be practiced? In response to these practical problems, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave a strong answer. Encouraged by the reply, the descendants of the old reclamation team of Dachen Island in Zhejiang strive to be reclamators of the new era. More and more residents apply to settle down in Yumai, Tibet, to guard the border. Volunteer relay is passed down one stick at a time, and the goal of strengthening the army is to take root in company and in the border defense. Facts have proved that the spirit of struggle will not be interrupted and the power of progress will not be exhausted as long as they continue to struggle.

The practice of new requirements in the new directives is an inspiration for progress. When the struggle against poverty comes to the most pressing stage and the overall well-off society comes to the most critical stage, what should we do next? The reply gave a new direction and pointed out a new goal. For example, the tunnels of villages inhabited by Dulong ethnic group in Yunnan have been opened, online shopping has been on fire, industry has been booming and villagers have become rich, which conveys the signal that they will never stop fighting poverty without winning all the battles, and that the fine seed farm village of Baibaza Town in Yutian County of Xinjiang has set off a craze for learning Mandarin, reflecting the scenario of sowing seeds of national unity in the north and south of Tianshan Mountains. Only by being good at understanding the spirit of reply, understanding the new trends and new situations, and implementing the new instructions and new requirements, can we make great efforts and make great achievements.

It is an inexhaustible force to inject new momentum into the new journey. The captain of the National Test Team recalled, In 2015, we are facing many difficulties in the transformation of business, technology and talent team. At that moment, we received a reply from the General Secretary, and all of US jumped up. Every undertaking is full of ups and downs. Development will not go smoothly and progress will not be smooth. The prominent role of reply lies in arousing peoples original mission, striding forward on a new journey and leading a new era with an unremitting spirit and an unprecedented attitude of struggle. This enlightens us that there is no difficulty that can not be overcome and no problem that can not be overcome if we turn the entrustment in the reply into the responsibility of the undertaker and turn Nianzis deep feeling into the power of struggle.

Responding to a letter is a matter of concern, a matter of entrustment, encouragement and high expectation. For the people who receive the reply, the reply is a time node, representing the affirmation of the past, and more symbolizing the expectation of the future. For dream-seekers of the new era, everyone can draw strength and feel inspiration in their replies. Only by carrying out one by one with the vigor of scratching iron and stamping stone can we respond to Yin Yins concerns without failing to fulfil our earnest instructions. Running hard on the road ahead, we are all writers, we are all recipients!