Hu Gepeng was the best man in Yans three plays, but he was scolded as unworthy. What did they experience?

 Hu Gepeng was the best man in Yans three plays, but he was scolded as unworthy. What did they experience?

Its still 6 a.m.

When he was busy, he put all his breakfast on the table again.

At this time, Zhang Xinyi slowly went downstairs.

But instead of having dinner with Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong went directly to the second floor to hold the baby. After waiting, he patiently fed the baby.

Zhang Xinyi had breakfast beside him, while Yuan Hong was still busy and dripping water was not coming in.

When Zhang Xinyi finished her meal, Yuan Hongcai began to eat. But he was not idle when he finished eating. He picked up the dishes and cleaned them.

See here, many people will sigh: good man!

However, even after finishing the housework, Yuan Hong did not have much time to spare. He saw the NBA vigorously, and was shouted by Zhang Xinyi, calling his neck uncomfortable.

At first, Yuan Hong didnt hear him and kept staring at the TV.

But Zhang Xinyis cry rang again. When he heard it, he resolutely got up, put down the basketball game and went to give his wife traction.

This series has never stopped.

Putting it here, Zhu Dan couldnt help asking Zhang Xinyi, Would you be worried at this moment?

Zhang Xinyi laughed: Never, husband should not be like this? This is a standard match.

She said this sentence, immediately present other female guests, one after another show the real look.

Its totally enviable and hateful.

However, if you look at their emotional experience, many people will have another feeling: the original, a good marriage, are hard-shouldered through the wind and rain ah.

This feeling, in Zhang Xinyis heart, has always felt that he is not worthy of Yuan Hong.

She once said to Venus, Yuan Hong is a sunny boy. He plays basketball, fitness, runs, likes taking pictures, likes small animals, and is very good to everyone. Then there are so many fans who love him. His future is bright. I dont think I deserve him.

The biggest reason for this is that Zhang Xinyi felt that she had a history of marriage.

But the marriage lasted only for more than a year and ended without illness.

After the divorce, Zhang Xinyi put all her heart into her work, and soon accepted the film Princess of Solution. It was also at this time that she met Yuan Hong.

It is worth mentioning that Yuan Hong was troubled by a rotten peach blossom before he met Zhang Xinyi.

It was later revealed by Zhang Xinyi.

At that time, when she was married to Yuan Hong and attended a program, she said, There was a girl who liked Yuan Hong very much and always wanted to fix him up. He had never been settled by that girl. Later, she nicknamed him Yuan Hong, Xiaomei Yuan. Everywhere she said that Yuan Hong was gay.

Later, Sun Miao admitted that the girl was herself.

Of course, these are the last words.

Speaking back to Yuan Hongzhang Xinyi, they are male and female protagonists respectively in Princess Jieyou. But at the beginning of the meeting, neither of them liked the other.

Zhang Xinyi said that she likes to perform ancient costumes in a modern way, but Yuan Hong, known as the little prince of ancient costumes, is fond of holding them and restraining them, which makes her unhappy.

They argued for a long time because of the different ways of expressing their roles, so they misunderstood a lot.

But an accident made them get in touch with each other gradually.

One day, Zhang Xinyi went to the theatre group by car. Because of his antique costume, he wore a hairpin on his head, which was very heavy. But unfortunately, the car came halfway and suddenly stopped moving. The assistant got off to check and found that the car was broken.

Can not wait for people to shoot ah, at this time, Yuan Hongs car just passed by, Zhang Xinyi stopped the car, asked Yuan Hong: Can you take a free ride? Im afraid of being late.

Yuan Hong, a very gentleman, answered, Come up.

So Zhang Xinyi got on the bus quickly. But when she got on the bus, she found that she had nothing to say with Yuan Hong, and the atmosphere was awkward.

Yuan Hong seemed to feel it too. He turned on the music and tried to ease the atmosphere by singing.

When Zhang Xinyi listened, she was curious because she liked the song, so she talked tentatively with Yuan Hong and asked him what he liked to do.

Yuan Hong was very sincere and said a lot, saying that he liked reading, reading films, traveling, eating delicious food, fashion and taking photos.

Since that day, they have ceased to be rigid. They make jokes and make jokes when they are filming.

Their relationship has somehow improved.

During this period, Zhang Xinyi suddenly received a program task to rectify others.

Because she and Yuan Hong were acting as lovers in the play, she finally decided to target Yuan Hong.

Before the whole, Zhang Xinyi purchased Yuan Hongs assistant to cooperate with herself. As a result, the whole crew came to help when they heard about it.

Said, she also pointed out to Yuan Hong: This is the panorama, you come up to hold me, I can not move, can you control a little, do some fake action.

Without knowing it, Yuan Hong immediately ran over and asked Zhang Xinyi for a taxi.

But the whole crew just didnt move.

At this time, he realized later that everyone was acting. I was very angry at that time, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Finally, he laughed and put out the fire in a piece of flowers.

However, because of this disturbance, their relationship is better and they gradually become friends.

Later, when the film was finished, the two men separated.

But at that time, perhaps no one thought that they had another chance to be alone after the film Princess of Solution.

Here they meet again and act as couples.

But this time, its pure modern drama, and its the main stage of Zhang Xinyi.

Because of the intersection in front of them, they no longer hold their hands and shoot directly. During the shooting process, Zhang Xinyi gradually became fond of Yuan Hong. She once said to Cao Kefan:

Later, I found out that he was a man who loved everybody and blossomed everywhere.

Because of this play, their relationship is closer.

But even so, Zhang Xinyi still thought that their relationship would be over and there could be no more negotiations.

But somehow, it wasnt long before Lets Love found them again and continued to work together.

But this time, instead of being a couple, Zhang Xinyi rejoiced in his enemies, chasing Yuan Hong.

He is very handsome, connotative, humorous, and very popular. He is single again. He should have a very, very good future. He must have a very, very bright future. He should have a better life, a freer or better girl to be with him.

In this way, she also said to He Jing: I thought at that time, this boy was very good, sunshine, health, kindness, simplicity, humor, why do you like me?

Why? No one gave an answer.

However, Yuan Hong soon realized that something was wrong, but he was still very good at Zhang Xinyi.

In this way, they retreated one by one, entered the other, and remained deadlocked until the film was finished.

At last, Zhang Xinyi couldnt stand it until he killed the youth. He told Yuan Hong frankly:

Yuan Hong, we are going back to each others lives. Maybe because we have worked together for three consecutive plays, all of which are such character relationships, you will feel that this girl has some shining points, you will recognize this person, but this may not be the kind of feeling you think.

We all retire to life, if you still want to see me, or miss this girl, miss a girl like me, you come back to me.

After listening, Yuan Hong respected Zhang Xinyis ideas.

So as soon as the play was finished, they returned to their lives and separated for five months. During this period, they were busy with their own business, neither contacting nor greeting, as if nothing had happened before.

Zhang Xinyi continued to film, run the drama group, shoot advertisements.

Yuan Hong, on the other hand, also participated in the reality show Real Men.

In the absence of the day, Zhang Xinyi still has the idea of not deserving: I think he is really too good, he deserves to have that kind of life, he forgot me is also deserved, he did not choose me is more deserved.

But unfortunately, one day, Yuan Hongs phone suddenly came, and he asked in the first sentence, Where are you?

Zhang Xinyi said, Im at home.

Yuan Hong was not polite either. He said frankly, Lets have a meal together.

Finally, Yuan Hong went to Zhang Xin artist.

Before she could speak, Yuan Hong immediately asked, What are you doing?

Zhang Xinyi said, Im going to cook.

Finally, I made a coconut rice with a pasta.

After the meal, Yuan Hong fell asleep, which made Zhang Xinyi somewhat confused. What kind of routine is this?

However, she looked at Yuan Hong for a while and did not talk much. She just built a blanket for him and stuffed another pillow. She went back to her room and went to bed.

Years later, they were married. Yuan Hong recalled this scene in Kefan Listen, saying:

That program has made me suffer more than I could imagine. I have never suffered like that in my life, but I really think of her smile in my first reaction. She is the kind who laughs so loudly and heartlessly, but her laughter will make me happy, so as soon as the program is over, I will find her.

Ill come tonight.

On that very day, they established a love relationship.

Father listened and consoled, You are a divorced woman. Dont feel so expensive anymore. If you meet a good person, you can get along with others and be good to your parents.

At that time, Yuan Hong was sitting beside him. As soon as Zhang Xinyi hung up the phone, he told Yuan Hong what he had said. After listening, Yuan Hong burst into tears: I will treat you well.

In this way, they are really together.

The days of love are always sweet, but Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi are as low-key as ever.

Their relationship was not really known until early 2016.

On May 30 of the same year, they decided to get married in Germany at Hohensolen Castle, which was very romantic.

At the wedding, Zhang Xinyi, with tears in her eyes from beginning to end, said, I know God loved me before I loved God, so I believe he will bring the best, the most loving and the most worthy of my trust to me.

Yuan Hong, however, was equally affectionate. Before I met her, I didnt think I was a person who knew what love was. She told me where love was, how to love myself, how to love each other, how to give and how to get it.

Their vows made all the guests present weep.

It is worth mentioning that at that wedding, Yuan Hongs best mans group was the highest in history, namely Peng Yuyan, Liu Haoran, Ma Tianyu and Hu Ge.

Because of its high appearance, it was hot searched several times at one time.

After marriage, they were very low-key.

Two years later, they welcomed the baby.

During Zhang Xinyis pregnancy, Yuan Hong simply laid down his work and concentrated on accompanying his wife.

During that time, Zhang Xinyi always laughed happily.

Last Valentines Day, the baby was born.

Yuan Hongfa joked: Send me a love enemy.

Zhang Xinyi immediately forwarded the reply: I will try my best to send you a little lover.

The story here, it can be said, is full of beauty.

But even if they get married and have children, they dont forget to tolerate each other.

For the sake of Yuan Hong, she will be more restrained in her words and deeds.

And Yuan Hong, because Zhang Xinyi always does not play cards according to common sense, behaves confusedly.

So he always has no bottom line to tolerate.

Once, he got up to look for socks, turned for a long time, and finally found them in Zhang Xinyis drawer. Yuan Hong advised Zhang Xinyi to classify them.

Zhang Xinyi thought it was no big deal.

Yuan Hong did not say much.

Later, when he went to other places to film, Zhang Xinyi suddenly came to visit the class and brought nothing with him. He did not change his socks. Yuan Hong asked, Did you change your socks because they stink?

Zhang Xinyi immediately laughed: Change, you see Im wearing yours.

Even with different habits, he tried to compromise.

Yuan Hong openly said, I can also accept her special duality, or her special sensibility, casual side, or her special disobedience to rules and routines.

Sometimes Yuan Hong will be totally inclusive even if he disagrees.

Because of being spoiled, after marriage, Zhang Xinyis microblogs are almost all Yuan Hong.

To visit Yuan Hongs class.

He was given a birthday gift by Yuan Hong.

He also made fun of fighting with Yuan Hong.

Perhaps thats the way to live a happy life. You dont need too much sweet talk. You just need warm water to grow.

Now, with the nourishment of love, Xinyi Zhang is no longer self abased. She said publicly in Tucao conference: I have no advantage. I have no advantage over having married more than once.

When saying this, Zhang Xinyi was full of spirit.

Gao Xiaosong once said, The best love is mutual achievement.

In this relationship, Zhang Xinyi gave Yuan Hong warmth and home. Yuan Hong pacified Zhang Xinyis inferiority and anxiety.

I think, only in this way can we rely on each other and redeem each other for the longest time.

May they keep warm.

Also hope that everyone dare not love the girl, can finally find a lover, in the tumbling world, can get a lifetime of goodwill and gentleness.