Star watch collection! Beautiful but inexpensive~

 Star watch collection! Beautiful but inexpensive~

Casios small red watch can be regarded as a boom product in 2019. As one of the quartz watch giants, Casio is often famous for its technological electronic watches. But this vintage and exquisite little red watch shows a different side of Casio. The bold and lively red dial figure matched with the jujube red cowhide strap shows vitality in the refinement of literature and art. The whole is small and exquisite and very versatile. No wonder it is favored by the Chinese concubine and the small bone.

Hu Tian, Luo Jin-KLASSE14 Italian Watch

One of the manly watches! The design shows the eagles style, free and capable, rather cold aesthetic feeling. The design of folding pointer and depressed dial has a three-dimensional sense, and the strap of calf leather on the body of Jinggang has a strong texture.

Zhang Junyong-RumbaTIME Imported American Womens Watches

This watchs dial glass is diamond cut design, sharp edges and corners, light refraction brings a good visual sense of gray. The case is made of zinc alloy, lightweight and reinforced, and matched with a slim strap, which can reflect the delicacy of the girl.

Jin Yubin-CK-Eve Wooden Quartz Mens Watch

CK quartz watch has a strong masculinity, calm, capable, thin. Imported from Switzerland, the original stainless steel color with black leather design is very elite, very suitable for white-collar wear.

Ezra & Ccs wrist watch has a unique literary and artistic flavor, and its very retro and distinctive dial adds a lot of color to the watch. The dial is made of steel, strong and thin, and the strap is made of deerskin. It has a unique feel.

Chen Yanxi, Guo Biting LARSLARSENREGITZE Series Quartz Watches

The womens wristwatch full of Nordic delicacy is very delicate and slender as a whole. It can be directly raised to the next level with the girls fine wrist and white skin temperament. There are also a variety of dial colors, each of which is very bright and eye-catching, a good watch that can not be missed by beautiful city people.

Nordic wind watch DW watch naturally need not say more, super net red watch. There are countless stars who have worn it. The dial is also simple and skilful Nordic style, and the body is also very delicate and delicate design, all with minimalism as the main tone. Watch itself is also very versatile, with all kinds of watchbands, it can not only appear mature and stable, but also can match with color to show vitality and freedom, fashionable watches in all-purpose occasions.

Most of these fashionable watches cost no more than 1,000 yuan, but they are no less expensive than many large brands in design and technology. As a daily decoration is a very good choice ~It seems that smart stars are not only blindly throwing money, many cheap and beautiful wristwatch jewelry can be easily owned for us.

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