Come on, youre the best laughs and abuses the real life feeling to watch crying netizens

 Come on, youre the best laughs and abuses the real life feeling to watch crying netizens

The heat exploded! Bar Jing Male Leader brings out the most talkative audience in history

Come on, You Are the Best has achieved a brilliant result. Since its opening, it has been leading the way and breaking through continuously. On August 12, CSM59 City has received 1.29% of its ratings. Discussions on network platforms continue to grow.

What is more rare is that Come on, you are the best can attract netizens to discuss the true feelings. Microblog Topic # TV Series Refueling You Are the Best # Reading Over 3 billion, Three Main Topics Over 5.5 billion, Discussions Nearly 6 million, Four times as many as the same period series; Douban commentators 37,000, short comment 10,000, accused of The play always makes you feel suddenly somewhere.

Come on, youre the best is a real life drama, although it tells a dream-seeking story in the Performing Arts circle. Hao Zeyu (Deng Lun) is an actor, but also has some minor faults of ordinary people. For example, the people who care about them do not know how to express, or even the closer they are, the more unforgiving they are. They say that Fuzi (Mass Pure Decoration) is only heavy, but not important. They say that Fuzi Dad (Han Tongsheng Decoration) is a walking pot of soul chicken soup. Even netizens laughed at themselves in the barrage, Probably because Hao Zeyu, the male master of the bar, was biased, this audience is also talking.

Really crying! How to learn to say goodbye to important people

Tengdan is an important clue to the plot, and Tengdans death is also a key turning point in the plot from laughter to abuse. Although Hao Zeyu did not understand why Teng Dan suddenly broke up with him before, as a person who had accompanied Hao Zeyu for ten years, he witnessed his glorious moments and the low ebb of life, and his inner status is self-evident.

Hao Zeyu, who lived in Fuzis house, disappeared suddenly and was finally found in Tengdans cemetery. Fuzi threw coins with Hao Zeyu in tears, either returned home or left Hao Zeyu alone. In the warmth of Fuzi, Hao Zeyu also opened Teng Dans suicide note, crying loudly, and learning to say goodbye to the important people in life, we should live the way she expected. Dunlans crying drama also broke out, infecting chasing fans with real tears.

Come on, youre the best dares to lay out the theme of death in a relaxed and inspiring tone, not for abuse, but to give the audience a chance to think differently. In the journey of life, how to cherish the people around us can not leave regret, how to learn to say goodbye to face the new life, this is another layer of social significance beyond the pursuit of dreams.

Half way through the air, Come on, youre the best makes people guess the beginning, the end, and the top. In the following plot, can Hao Zeyu who learns to say goodbye be blessed by misfortune and successfully ushered in the success of his career? And can the grass-roots team bring out the self-cultivation of brokers to fight the next battle? When will Hao Youqis emotional drama go further? Continue to lock in Hunan Satellite TV Jinying Solo Theater, waiting for the wind.