Good Start, Good End High-profile Qin Junjie incarnated anti-drug police face drug lords directly

 Good Start, Good End High-profile Qin Junjie incarnated anti-drug police face drug lords directly

From todays announcement, it seems that the complex entanglement behind the main actors such as Qin Junjie, Sun Iridium and Xue Haowen has begun to emerge. Although only 30 seconds, the forecast not only shows many scenarios, such as desert base training, warehouse drug trading, overseas undercover drug nests, but also vividly displays the atmosphere of black-and-white confrontation between the positive and negative sides, undercover mission crisis-ridden, full of views, which makes people more and more looking forward to the positive film.

Transfer Faith on the Basis of Reality? Hot-blooded anti-drug campaign will never come to an end

Although it is a anti-drug drama, but Good Start, Good End closely combines with real life, takes the undercover drug nest as the breakthrough point, deeply depicts the special police cold for the anti-drug cause to make efforts and contributions to the image, reflecting the battle in the front line of anti-drug public security fighters knows the hardships and dangers also need to go deep into the tiger hole. It can be said that Good Start, Good End is the true portrayal of those brave and fearless anti-drug police guarding national peace and peoples tranquility with flesh and blood.

For a long time, realist movies and TV plays have strong market competitiveness, in which the subject of criminal investigation and drug suppression is very popular. At the same time, in recent years, China has also made major breakthroughs in combating drug crimes and promoting drug control. 2019 coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Good Start, Good End goes hand in hand with the times, follows the pace of the times, responds to the mainstream justice, and praises the heroes who defend the country and people. As a criminal investigation drama of anti-drug cases, Good Start, Good End hopes to convey the connotation, value and positive energy of anti-drug core to the audience in a positive and warm way, and arouse social resonance.

Deep excavation of criminal investigation materials, good end of the war against drug abuse

Good Start, Good End digs deep into criminal investigation materials, hoping to create a more social significance of anti-drug crime drama. Unlike other anti-drug dramas, Good Start, Good End will re-create materials that are full of dramatic tension, reveal complex human nature, and strive to make every character full of personality, so that each episode is full of reversal, which is a real man like drama.

What kind of black-and-white confrontation will take place between Fang Han and Gu Tao? Put aside the fog, where is the way out of the truth? All the mysteries await to be revealed. From August 21, every Wednesday to Saturday at 20:00, two episodes are updated every night. VIP members watch eight episodes in advance. Anti-drug action, good beginning and good ending, love Qiyi good beginning and good ending and your blood!

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