Daily Yile: Its very hot, but the car with its own exhaust vent is cool.

 Daily Yile: Its very hot, but the car with its own exhaust vent is cool.

Seeing Jia Ling more than ten years ago, I have to sigh that the years are _____________.

No smoking ban. This car has a story at first sight.

No matter how hot it is outside, the car with its own exhaust vent is cool.

Thats why I like to take the high-speed rail. Theres enough room for me to leave.

Wow, its the feeling of heartbeat. Ive already passed the station unconsciously.

Hum! Does the drainage channel bend badly? Excessive drift will lose momentum...

This car is really big enough for loading. Its excellent for pulling goods.

The old driver took me to the provincial capital. Wait for somebody else. I havent got on yet.

It is enviable that this is the legendary starting line. It turns out that the saying like to cry in a BMW is true.

Oh, no, its the feeling of heartbeat. Its probably the legendary cat and goblin.

Do you think its so simple that people just miss the ramp and turn the car upside down? After reversing the car, it turned around and ran backwards...

Master in the folk ah, aunt has to be aunt to govern... Is it the moment we lie down, we have made an agreement with each other, who gets up first and whos grandson?

This gesture does not really understand what it means. Men are really tired from overwork. Everyone knows it well.

It looks very funny. Even my girlfriend suddenly said that she wanted to play with it. Practice it in advance.

At the small car show in the mall, I couldnt walk when I saw the round headlights. This wild JEEP, which old driver doesnt like it.

But its nothing to show off cars these days. Yachts are the existence of the God of killing all horses and bulls in seconds...

Hey, girl!

Girl, dont slow down your pace in a hurry

Dont shy away from my eyes

My imagination is full of makeup for whom you painted it.

Dont pass me by pretentiously.

Erha: I didnt expect that we could walk the tiger here one day, so happy.

Not far upstairs, the director of the fountain control room showed a satisfied smile...

Where is this magic beach? Can produce a girlfriend... I really want to dig a treasure.

This airport is too big, the route is a bit rough, miss and sister can not find the exit....

Finally, to reveal yesterdays guess car answer: Mercedes-Benz C class, congratulations, Cocoa Laodou on the list! I have applied for the old drivers name for you. In addition, I applied for the red name once for the legacy of Jiangxia. Thank you for your support.

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Daily Easy Lok: The function of the rearview mirror is to pay close attention to passenger safety.

Daily Easy Lok: This oil gun cant be stuffed without spitting.

Daily Yile: I really want to send a thank-you letter to 12306 when I get this ticket.

Daily Easy Lok: Its too dangerous for adults to stick their heads out!

Daily Easy Lok: Jeep is the most desirable car for a tough old driver.

Daily Easy: Please dont stay on the sidewalk to take pictures. Its not safe.

Daily Eagle: The Motel poster on the wall attracted attention for staying there tonight.