The 19-year-old boys bold attempt at leech acne scarcely escaped disfigurement.

 The 19-year-old boys bold attempt at leech acne scarcely escaped disfigurement.

Acne on the face is indeed a very distressing thing, especially in adolescence, a large area of long let many young boys and girls sad for it, for this reason, many people painstakingly treat acne, at the expense of blood to try various ways to eliminate acne. Recently, a boy with acne-frightened leech came to Yuhang Second Hospital. As a result, his face was bleeding and almost disfigured.

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Come on, my face is full of blood, help me stop bleeding! At 1 a.m. on August 8, a boy with a bloody face rushed into the emergency room of Yuhang Second Hospital to seek the help of medical staff.

The bleeding is not only related to the leeches.

Xiao Wu, 19 years old, is really in the rainy season of the flowering season. He is a sunny and handsome boy, but he is troubled by the acne on his face. He loves beauty all the time and wants to get rid of the acne on his face. For this reason, he constantly searched for the shortcut to eliminate acne on the Internet, and suddenly he was attracted by a striking message - the blood sucking therapy of leech. Then he found that netizens claimed that using this method was very effective, and there was an urge to try. He boldly purchased 10 live leeches from the website and put them all on his face without hesitation. After about 10 minutes, remove it. But it happened unexpectedly. Xiao Wus face was bleeding. He couldnt stop it. Xiao Wu was frightened and rushed to the hospital to see a doctor.

Its the first time Ive been in medicine for so many years! Xiao Wus condition really shocked the doctor. Emergency doctors immediately disinfected and stopped bleeding for Xiaowu, and sewed 10 stitches at the wound on Xiaowus face. After half an hour, the bleeding was stopped.

Yu Danqing, deputy director of emergency department of Yuhang Second Hospital, introduced: Leeches, also known as leeches, grow and reproduce in inland freshwater waters. They are traditional Chinese medicinal aquatic animals. Their dried products are soaked and used in traditional Chinese medicine. They are recorded in Shennong Herbal Classic Book and have high medicinal value. There are certain effects in the treatment of some diseases, such as anticoagulation, anesthesia, detoxification, etc. However, the claim that leeches can treat acne has not been confirmed by any medical science, and there are also great risks. In principle, leech treatment of diseases is mainly related to the anticoagulant effect of hirudin, which can prevent thrombosis and improve congestion. Xiaowu bleeds not only because of hirudin, but also because of the risk of infection when he puts hirudo on the face of acne.

Dont try anything unless you know the way.

I never dare to try again, I almost disfigured myself! Looking at himself with wounds in his face in the mirror, Xiao Wu really wanted to cry without tears. He recalled his impulse at that time and felt very regretful.

Yu Danqing reminds us that we should pay attention to ways and methods to eliminate acne. We must not blindly try some partial prescriptions. Not only can we not get medical insurance, but also there will be great risks. In fact, whelk can be cured as long as it is treated symptomatically. The regular hospital dermatology department will adopt different treatment methods according to the specific situation. Attention should be paid to cleansing skin with mild facial wash at ordinary times. Dont eat spicy and stimulating food. Dont stay up late. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Keep a good rest.

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