Tanzanias Proposed Married Men Database to Prevent Single Women from Being Fraudulently Affected

 Tanzanias Proposed Married Men Database to Prevent Single Women from Being Fraudulently Affected

The Tanzanian government has come up with a new way to prevent single women from being harmed by scum men: to establish a database of married men.

According to the Malawi Post on August 14, Paul Maconda, Commissioner for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, announced the news on August 12. Ive received a lot of complaints from young women, he said. Many women in Dar es Salaam have been deceived many times, and they have had enough.

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Its a disgraceful thing that men keep promising to marry them, and then they abandon these women, Maconda said. These cunning men make many women experience heartbreak and emotional trauma. Youll find a young man who succeeds in catching up with a woman and lets her give up everything she does. He wants that man to marry her, but he doesnt know hes actually cheating on her.

For these reasons, Maconda put forward the idea of establishing a database of married men. Reported that the database may be published on websites run by national institutions. If this becomes a reality, all married people will be required to register their marital status with the relevant institutions in the region. Single women can access the database to identify whether the man is married or not.

In this database, all marriages, including Christian marriages, popular marriages, Muslim marriages and those registered in the marriage registry, will be registered. We want to reduce the number of men cheating on women in the name of love and marriage, Maconda said.

The news of Tanzanias proposed database of married men has also aroused heated discussion among netizens.

Support was expressed for this_

@ Rinjet said it was a very progressive move by the Tanzanian government. It will improve the integrity of the country and create a positive image of Tanzanian citizens.

Some netizens quipped, Why not writemarriedon their foreheads?

Another netizen said, This is a compulsion of ideas and choices. Its disgusting. A kind of

Others said, Compared with this, I think there are many more serious problems that need to be solved urgently.

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