Four people in a family lose weight and change their body in six months. Contrast with the contrast, they blow up the circle of friends.

 Four people in a family lose weight and change their body in six months. Contrast with the contrast, they blow up the circle of friends.

Recently, the familys weight loss contrast map, brushed the circle of friends! The family used to look like this:

Now it looks like this:

From right to left, Dads beer belly disappeared, the boys jaw line came out, the daughter-in-law trained Xiao Manwaist after delivery, and even Mom lost two laps than before.

Such a change is not only a kind of inspiration, but also a kind of happiness.

In particular, the father and son, a 60-year-old, a 32-year-old, six months of fitness, scientific diet, and finally throw off the beer belly, exercise six abdominal muscles, but also a new life!

Both father and son had beer bellies.

Now they all have six abdominal muscles:

The effect is remarkable, but the process is extremely difficult...

With mutual encouragement and companionship, the father and son insisted day by day, supervised each other and made progress together.

Unconsciously, their body shape has changed significantly, life has become different from before, more active, more vibrant!

They also used cameras to record changes in body shape over six months.

10 March

A kind of

10 April

A kind of

10 May

A kind of

10 August

A kind of

From March 20 to September 30, the results of the comparison between father and son are as follows:

Beer belly VS six abdominal muscles, such a metamorphosis, let people see the blood boiling.

Losing weight and keeping fit and having a good figure have always been the long-term goal of many people, but it is not an easy thing to implement them.

In addition to fighting natural inertia, it takes time and energy to exercise every day, which is also a luxury for most office workers.

It cost thousands of yuan to set up a fitness card, and eventually only went to the gym to take a bath.

For tens of thousands of yuan, buy a treadmill that can only dry clothes.

Spend one hour a day smoking haze and running by the way.

Desperate diet and Sanwu weight loss products, and ultimately failed to lose weight, but also harmful to health.

Tan Jianghai, the host of Beijing TV, is the host of Archives, Star Night Story Show and Capital Economic Report. He is also a fitness expert.

Ten years ago, he was an absolute fat pier, with a waist circumference of more than one meter, accompanied by high blood fat, hypertension, high blood sugar, moderate fatty liver, which made him realize the need for fitness.

At the beginning of fitness, Tan Jianghai relieved many methods, such as running, swimming, weightlifting and mountain climbing, but the effect was not obvious, and it was easy to be limited by time and place.

Later, under the guidance of Wang Yan, coach of the National Bodybuilding Team, Tan Jianghai realized his misunderstanding about weight loss: besides scientific training methods, he should also learn scientific diet and reasonable rest.

Soon, his body changed dramatically. Fat loss, even the three tall constitution is gradually normal, so, he persisted for 15 years.

As a media person, Tan Jianghai will inevitably lead to irregular life. He often goes out to shoot without gym and professional equipment. Therefore, he knows the helplessness of those who have no scientific methods and no time to exercise.

This time, Tan Jianghai summed up his professional fitness experience for 10 years to become the most convenient body shaping course.

The course is not only suitable for the fitness white from scratch, but also for those who dont have time to go to the gym and fitness equipment. It can also guide you how to lose weight and shape through a healthy diet.

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About Instructor

Tan Jianghai

Host of Beijing Satellite TV Program

Fitness Talent, Fifteen Years of Fitness Experience

He was instructed by Wang Yan, coach of the National Bodybuilding Team.

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Lesson 1: Not greasy, the more healthy you are, the more masculine you will be.

_No equipment, bare-handed fitness, wake up body muscles

Teacher Tan How to Become a Hard Man from More than 200 Kinds of Cucurbit Doll

Lesson 2: 10 Minutes of Easy Exercise, Massage the Horse Line

Abdominal muscles can be exercised every day

Five Ways to Exercise All Abdominal Muscles

Lesson 3: Shaping the Perfect Shoulder Line and Showing Your Self-Confidence

How to develop a sense of security shoulder

The method of shoulder exercises at any time without equipment

Lesson 4: Put your head up and your chest up to make you look more stylish

_How to avoid chest muscle strain

Four Exercise Ways to Make You More Stylish

Lesson 5: 3 Ways to Shape the Strong Arm Bend of Popeye Sailor

Fast or slow, double the effect of arm training

The more frequent arm training, the better?

Lesson 6: 5 Exercise Legs to Make You Look Higher

Does thigh training really make legs thicker and thicker?

This action cannot be done to avoid knee damage.

Lesson 7: 10 minutes gluteal muscle activation, shaping the golden fulcrum

Three training methods to awaken buttock muscles

Lesson 8: Refuse to hunch, how to exercise inverted triangle

How to exercise back muscle groups more specifically

Make your body more straight through back training

Lesson 9: Avoiding Misconceptions, Scientific and Effective Running Methods

Active Running and Passive Running

The running style of cyclic training doubles the fitness effect

Lesson 10: Reasonable Diet, Acceleration of Fitness Effect

Three Food Types Tabooed by Fitness

Eating only raw materials is not meat. If you dont pay attention to it, you will get fat.

Suitable for the crowd

Workmen who sit in offices for a long time and dont have time to exercise

For fear of trouble, want to have an easy-to-use fitness program

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