North Korea warns the United States not to deploy medium-range missiles in South Korea: never stand idly by

 North Korea warns the United States not to deploy medium-range missiles in South Korea: never stand idly by

China news agency, Beijing, Aug. 14, Pyongyang: North Korea warned the United States on August 14 not to deploy medium-range missiles in South Korea, otherwise the impact will be worse than that of the Sadd anti-missile system into South Korea.

DPRK Central News Agency published a commentary article entitled Foolish Suicide Acts Causing Fire and Burning Death on the 14th. The article says that the United States claims to be considering the deployment of ground-to-ground medium-range missiles in Asia, and South Korea is a potential deployment area. The article holds that the permanent deployment of the Sad system, which should have been dismantled by the United States, and the additional deployment of new types of attack weapons in South Korea are actually to increase regional tensions and form a new pattern of cold war and arms race in the Far East.

The commentary points out that if the Korean government fully deploys Sad or even introduces medium-range missiles, Korea will become the outpost base of the US aggression against Asia, and the surrounding countries will never stand idly by and allow the US to dominate the region militarily.

The commentary said that it would be foolish to provide huge amounts of money to foreign forces and be willing to become slaves of war under the circumstances that countries independently choose their own development path and pursue their own national interests. The commentary reminds the Korean government to bear in mind how cruel the price of blind submission is, and to decide after careful consideration whether to exterminate itself or to eradicate by hand the evil that can only bring disaster.

According to the Associated Press, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in response to a question from reporters on March 3 that the United States intends to deploy new land-based conventional medium-range missiles in Asia. But he did not provide details about where the medium-range missiles might be deployed in Asia. Esper said that depended on discussions between the United States and its allies and other factors.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Yu Changzong_NBJ11145