Hebei GirlsCollege Entrance Examination Volunteers Changed by Male Students and Compensated 26,000 Yuan by Male Students

 Hebei GirlsCollege Entrance Examination Volunteers Changed by Male Students and Compensated 26,000 Yuan by Male Students

Recently, in order to go to the same university, a boy in Baoding No. 7 Middle School changed his girls college entrance examination volunteer, which aroused widespread concern in society.

Reporter interviews learned that after police coordination, the guardian of the boy has come to the door to apologize and compensate 26,000 yuan.

Unfilled college admission notice, the family was confused

It is understood that Xiao Han (a pseudonym) is an art student in Baoding No. 7 Middle School. This years College Entrance Examination passed by the first volunteer because of the difference of two points, so the second volunteer chose Xian Science and Technology High-tech College. At that time, Xiao Hans father specially consulted the entrance examination school, and after getting the answer of basically no problem in admission, he was confident to fill in his volunteers.

However, on the afternoon of July 27, Xiao Han suddenly received the admission notice from Hebei Foreign Languages Institute, which made the family silly.

Mingming, a school in Xian, volunteered to fill in. Why did it receive an admission notice from a private university in Hebei Province? Xiao Hans father called him on the admission notice to inquire about the truth. The other side said that Xiao Han did fill in the Hebei Foreign Language Institute.

Han then turned on his computer and found that volunteers had indeed become Hebei Foreign Languages College.

Certificate issued by the police

Police intervened in the investigation and male students changed their volunteers at the last minute

Afterwards, the Han family rushed to the police.

After the police station of the jurisdiction intervened in the investigation, it was Xiao Cheng, Xiao Hans classmate, who used a laptop computer. At the end of the registration deadline, Xiao Hans volunteer was changed.

Originally, the initial login password of the college entrance examination is the identity information of the candidates. Xiao Han and Xiao Cheng are both students of No. 7 Middle School. They are also tutoring in an art school. They have a close relationship on weekdays. Xiao Cheng helped Xiao Han to copy the information, wrote down Xiao Hans identity card number, and also provided convenience for the final revision of volunteers.

Hans father said his daughters artistic score was 171, nearly 40 points higher than Xiaochengs. Xiao Cheng changed Xiao Hans volunteer secretly when he couldnt apply for a college in Xian.

After the investigation, the police issued a certificate that Xiao Hans college entrance examination volunteer was indeed altered by others, but the volunteer has been unable to change.

Xiao Hans father spent more than half a month traveling for this reason. He saw that things could hardly be saved and fell ill in bed.

After the police mediation, the boy apologized and compensated 26,000 yuan.

In the interview, Xiao Cheng initially denied that there had been any change in Xiao Hans volunteer behavior, then admitted that it was indeed his own use of laptops to modify Xiao Hans volunteer behavior. However, Xiao Cheng insists that the change of volunteer has been agreed by Xiao Han.

Xiao Cheng said that he had been with Koreans for less than a year before and had proposed to go to the same university in the future. Now the two have broken up over the matter. As for who took the lead in proposing to go to the same university, Xiaocheng did not give a positive answer.

For Xiao Chengs explanation, Xiao Hans father was very angry. After mediation, Xiao Chengs Guardian came to Xiao Hans house to apologize and compensate him for 26,000 yuan. Xiao Han also chose to understand.

Tampering with other peoples volunteers happens repeatedly

Xiao Liu, a girl from Henan Province who has been studying for one year, has scored 32 points above the first line in this years college entrance examination.

I thought my four-year efforts had paid off. According to this result, she could be admitted to a good university. But when she logged on her account and inquired about her volunteers, she found that:

Her college entrance examination results were maliciously tampered with. In the first batch of volunteers, there was only one Peking University, and in the second batch, only one Tibetan Agricultural and Animal Husbandry College was filled in.

Subsequently, the truth quickly surfaced: behind the evildoers, it was Xiao Lius classmate Qiao Mou.

Originally, Qiaomou had a conflict with Xiaoliu before. In order to retaliate against Xiaoliu, Qiaomou recorded her password after seeing it, went in privately and changed the first volunteer to Peking University. Therefore, the police made the decision to detain the boy for 9 days, but from the beginning to the end, the boy did not apologize to Xiao Liu. Xiao Lius volunteer was admitted to Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine because he missed the revision period and could not be revised eventually. Finally, the handwritten volunteer came into effect.

It is not absurd to make fun of the future of others in order to vent ones anger for a moment.

A few days ago, three studentscollege entrance examination volunteers were tampered with in Zhejiang.

At present, the Zhejiang Provincial Examination Institute has restored three volunteers, and Chen Mou, who maliciously tampered with othersvolunteers, has been held in administrative detention for 10 days.

A report card carries fairness, dignity and dreams.

Behind the cold numbers, there is a familys happiness, anger and sadness.

Behind the tampered volunteers lies not only the difficulty of the ten-year cold window, but also the youthful spirit of a teenager and the ardent expectations of the whole family.

When Bai Yansong talked about the college entrance examination, he said with emotion: I feel that so many students and their families put their dreams on the college entrance examination, which is a good thing, dont destroy it.

College Entrance Examination Needs Fairness

Plagiarism, cheating, tampering with volunteers...

Please dont destroy it in any way.

The heart of a child is so precious

Money, fame...

Please dont hurt it for your own sake.

Source of this article: responsible editor of Hebei Communist Youth League: Yu Changzong_NBJ11145