A speedboat capsized in the English Channel: All three children were killed and all the adults survived

 A speedboat capsized in the English Channel: All three children were killed and all the adults survived

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Overseas Network, August 14, local time, 12, near the Normandy coast of the English Channel, a speedboat carrying six passengers capsized, killing three children.

According to the Associated Press and Mirror, three children, aged 7, 9 and 13, were killed when they traveled with their parents. Three adults survived, one of whom was the mother of a child. Their identities have not yet been announced.

On the day of the accident, a witness reported that the speedboat had an accident about 800 meters from the coast, near Agon-Coutainville, France, according to the local Maritime Bureau. Subsequently, the authorities launched a rapid rescue operation. In an interview later, a mother said that her daughter and a seven-year-old boy were trapped in the cabin, although they were wearing life jackets. It is reported that the girls father tried his best to break the window.

According to the French Opinion, all adults were outside the cabin and were thrown into the water at the time of the accident. Pascal Dutot, a volunteer involved in the rescue operation, said that when he found the ship, it was flooded everywhere, mostly, but fortunately it did not completely capsize.

Reported that the rescue process also encountered considerable difficulties. Especially how to break the glass and pull people out of the cabin in the rough sea. Firefighters and the French Maritime Rescue Association (SNSM) sent ships and helicopters to participate in the rescue.

Later, a firefighter brought a lifeboat and rescued one with me, Dutto said. We took it to shore and found it unconscious. He added that if it was a larger speedboat, it should be easier to control at that time, but for a 5.5-meter-long boat, it was very unstable.

Elizabeth Bonn, Frances ecology minister, expressed shock at the tragedy and paid tribute to rescue agencies. The authorities have now launched an investigation into the incident.

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