Before the announcement of Epsteins death, there was a suspected spoiler in the extreme right-wing forum of the United States.

 Before the announcement of Epsteins death, there was a suspected spoiler in the extreme right-wing forum of the United States.

Epstein (source: Reuters)

Overseas Network, Aug. 14, last week, Jeffrey Epstein, an American billionaire accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls and organizing trading activities, died in prison, arousing national concern. Recently, the US media broke the news that before the official announcement of Epsteins death, mysterious people had exposed the news in advance in a far-right forum, and even described the details of the billionaires death.

Combined with todays US and CNBC news, this post about the death of spoiler Epstein appeared on the far-right forum 4chan at 8:16 a.m. on October 10, 38 minutes earlier than ABC, which first reported the death of the billionaire. Even more incredible, the post also mentioned details, writing: Dont ask me how I know, Epstein died of hanging and cardiac arrest an hour ago. At present, the New York Fire Department has reviewed the relevant posts in order to understand why the poster was able to learn about the specific circumstances of Epsteins death.

Pictures of Epsteins earlier trial (Source: Associated Press)

The Federal Prison Service said earlier that on the morning of August 10, Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell and was later declared dead. The prison confirmed that he committed suicide on the evening of the 9th, and some media said that he died from hanging. It is noteworthy that people familiar with the matter said that a few weeks before Epsteins death, he had told prison guards and prison friends that he feared someone would want to kill him.

The Associated Press and other media also reported that on the last night of Epsteins life, prison staff was very short, one of the prison guards who supervised the billionaire had worked overtime for the fifth consecutive day, and another guard had been forced to work overtime that day. The prison guards did not conduct a mandatory 30-minute inspection of Epstein that night. At present, these two have been suspended. In addition, prisoners in the same cell as Epstein were transferred for unknown reasons before the billionaire died.

Epstein was born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1988, he founded the Epstein Investment Company, which has since established close ties with Wall Streets financial moguls and has had close contacts with politicians, business academics and fashion figures, including Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew of England, Wickner, the owner of Wilmy, and so on. Epstein was previously accused of having sex with more than a dozen teenage girls in his Manhattan and Florida residences. He was also accused of conspiring to kidnap and organize teenage girls to engage in sexual transactions.

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