After Merkel left office, she watched opera and remembered I did my best.

 After Merkel left office, she watched opera and remembered I did my best.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (source: Getty)

Overseas Network, Aug. 14, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has not appeared for a long time, said at an event on August 13 that she would not participate in any political activities after leaving office. When asked how she hoped history would describe her, the leader smiled and answered, She did her best.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a town hall event on the 13th. When asked 50 years later what she wanted her children to know in history books, the German leader paused for a few seconds and smiled and answered, She did her best. Then there was laughter and applause from the stage.

It is reported that Merkel announced at the end of last year that she will not seek re-election after the end of her term of office in 2021. Since 2005, she has led Germany and is the longest-serving political leader in the major Western countries.

During the 13-day event, Merkel was also asked what she intends to do after leaving office. She reiterated that she would no longer actively participate in political activities. I will remain a politician, but I will not have a political position. Merkel added, There are other candidates for these positions, whether in Germany or in the European Union.

According to Russias News newspaper, Merkel also talked about leaving office, want to rest, sleep more, and go to concerts and operas with her husband and friends.

Foreign media reported earlier that Merkels early retirement may be due to health problems, has been photographed by the media three times trembling. On June 18, Merkel was greeted by Ukrainian President Zelenski with a sudden tremor and shaking; just a week later, when she attended the event with German President Frank Walter Steinmeier, she trembled again; the third tremor occurred on July 10, when she met the Prime Minister of Finland.

Merkel then responded that she understood the publics doubts about her health, her responsibilities as prime minister, and her ability to do the job, saying there was no need to worry.

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