Gunners hit 26 people in 32 seconds! Details of shooting in Ohio, USA

 Gunners hit 26 people in 32 seconds! Details of shooting in Ohio, USA

The scene of the shooting. (Source: Associated Press)

Overseas Network, August 14 (Ohio) Dayton City, the United States, Oregon District, 4 am, a large-scale shooting incident, resulting in dozens of casualties. On the 13th, US police released details of the shooting.

According to ABC, U.S. police released details of the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Tuesday (13) and updated the number of casualties. Connor Betts, a 24-year-old gunman, shot 26 people in about 32 seconds, nine of whom were killed and 17 injured.

Nine of the dead were identified, including Bates22-year-old sister Megan Bates, and the wounded included her sisters male companion. Richard Biehl, the mayor of Dayton, said it was not clear whether Batess sister and his male partner were intentional victims.

Video capture of the shooting scene. (Source: Reuters)

Police also released videos capturing a series of activities before Bates fired and videos of the incident, saying that he was familiar with the terrain of the Oregon District of Dayton City, and that Bates had made a series of preparations before he fired. The scene was chaotic, and customers in the nearby bar fled after hearing gunshots, while the police followed them.

It has been reported that Bates used an AR-15 rifle when he committed the murder, equipped with a double drum that could hold 100 rounds of bullets. Richard Bill says Bates legally buys guns from Texas through online channels. As for the drums he used, Bill said there was no evidence that the item was illegal.

Video capture of the shooting scene. (Source: Reuters)

This is another major shooting incident in the United States in 24 hours. A white man killed at least 20 people and injured more than 20 others in a Wal-Mart supermarket in El Paso, Texas, Wednesday morning.

After the shooting incident, the Chinese Consulate-General in New York said that the Consulate-General immediately launched an emergency response mechanism, contacted the local police, hospitals and family assistance centers to verify the situation, and through relevant channels reminded Chinese students, Chinese-funded enterprises and other Chinese citizens to pay attention to safety. No reports of casualties among Chinese citizens have yet been received. The Consulate General will continue to closely follow up the progress of the case and provide assistance to Chinese citizens who may be involved.

The Consulate-General reminded Chinese citizens in the East of the United States to pay close attention to the local security situation, especially in regard to vicious public security incidents such as shootings, so as to enhance their awareness of prevention and avoid going to crowds gathering areas as far as possible.

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