Upgrading of the situation Pakistani or military forces deployed to the Kashmir border

 Upgrading of the situation Pakistani or military forces deployed to the Kashmir border

In an interview, Pakistans ambassador to the United States, Assad Majid Khan, said he did not rule out the possibility of the redeployment of Pakistani troops from the Afghan border to the Kashmir border because of the deteriorating political confrontation with neighbouring India.

If the situation on the eastern border escalates, we will have to redeploy, Khan said. Now, Islamabad will only consider what happens on the eastern border.

He predicted that the crisis would escalate further in the near future and said there had been little communication between the two countries in the past week. Both countries have very large armies and a history of conflict. But obviously things are getting worse and worse.

A soldier is on his way to blocked Kashmir (Photo Source: AFP)

On the other hand, Indian Army Commander-in-Chief Bipin Rawat said the Indian Armed Forces were ready for any action by Pakistan.

According to overseas websites, on August 5, local time, Indian authorities announced the abolition of the special status of Kashmir, blocked most parts of Indian-controlled Kashmir, cut off local external communications, including mobile phones, Internet and fixed-line telephones, and sent additional troops to border areas. Pakistans Foreign Ministry immediately announced the expulsion of Indias special envoy, downgraded diplomatic relations with India, suspended bilateral trade with India, and triggered tensions on the ground.

India arrested more than 500 people, including politicians, separatists, University professors, businessmen and activists, in a night-time operation. Local media said it was Indias largest crackdown in recent years.