The deceaseds liver and kidney were arrested for false donation and six doctors and nurses were charged with insulting the corpse.

 The deceaseds liver and kidney were arrested for false donation and six doctors and nurses were charged with insulting the corpse.

Li Ping was admitted to Huaiyuan Peoples Hospital after she was injured. Pengchao journalist Zhu Yuanxiangtu

Li Ping was injured when her eldest son Shi Mou chopped her with an axe.

Shi Mou is a schizophrenic patient. After identification, the case occurred at the onset of the disease, but with limited criminal responsibility. Later, he was sentenced to 14 years and 8 months for intentional homicide.

Before her death, Li Ping and Shi Xianglin were sent to Huaiyuan County Peoples Hospital for treatment.

Inform family members of the possibility of cardiac arrest at any time, the family members of the patient expressed understanding and asked to give up treatment. Doctor Yang Suxun recorded it in his medical record.

Yang Suxun is the director of ICU of Huaiyuan Peoples Hospital. He wrote in Li Pings death record that at 3:55 a.m. on February 15, Li Ping stopped using the ventilator, maintained ventilation with manual breathing balloon, and was put into an ambulance of a hospital in Jiangsu Province by flat car. After stopping mechanical ventilation, Li Ping stopped her heartbeat at 5 a.m., declared her clinical death and began organ donation.

Since then, Li Pings liver and kidney have been removed.

Forensic autopsy certificate of Huaiyuan Public Security Judicial Appraisal Center shows that after opening Li Pings abdominal cavity, liver is absent, stump suture; bilateral kidney is absent, stump suture.

An autopsy certificate issued by the police also recorded Li Pings record of obtaining testimony for donating organs, which showed that on February 20, 2018, five days after organ acquisition, a hospital in Beijing had a pathological examination of Li Pings liver before transplantation; on February 24, 2018, a hospital in Tianjin also had a pathological examination of Li Pings bilateral kidneys. Pathological examination before transplantation.

The day before organ extraction, Li Pings husband and daughter signed a registration form for organ donation in China. But this registration form later aroused the suspicion of Shi Xianglin.

The registration form of Chinese human organs signed by Li Pings husband and daughter is blank and has not been stamped. Respondents Map

Red Cross: Informal organ donation is a doctors personal behavior

When his mother died, Shi Xianglin, who was seriously injured, was still lying in a hospital bed. His familys hospitalization relies mainly on a cousin.

Shi Xianglin said he knew his mothers liver and kidney had donated out after discharge, and 200,000 yuan of state subsidies had been transferred to his cousins account to pay for various medical expenses.

My sister told me that Dr. Yang Suxun told her at that time that my mother could not do it. Even if she was rescued, she was paralyzed in bed. If she donated organs, the state would subsidize 200,000 yuan. Shi Xianglin said he later learned that Yang Suxun was responsible for the donation of organs by his mother.

Therefore, Shi Xianglin asked Yang Suxun about the procedures for organ donation by his mother. Yang Suxun sent four pictures to Shi Xianglin through Wechat, two of which were signed by Shi Xianglins father and sister in the hospital, one of which was a transfer record, and the other was a Chinese Registration Form for Human Organ Donation.

The registration form has Shi Xianglins fathers and sisters signatures and handprints. The time of deposit is February 14, 2018, the day before Li Pings liver and kidney were removed. In addition to filling in personal information, the form also printed several lines, which indicated: agree to and fully represent the donors decision to donate the following organs free of charge after death, the latter line in the kidney and liver two prescriptions box .

Shi Xianglin felt that his mothers organ donation was problematic. In May 2018, he went to Beijing to find the Chinese Human Organ Donation Management Center. They later responded that they could find it in their system as long as they donated it through normal channels, but my mother couldnt find it. Shi Xianglin said.

According to a written report from the Chinese Human Organ Donation Management Center, the Red Cross personnel did not participate in the organ donation of Li Ping, Shi Xianglins mother, and did not proceed through normal channels.

Yang Suxuns transfer photos to Shi Xianglin show that on February 16, 2018, a remitter named Huang Chaoyang transferred 200,000 yuan to Shi Xianglins cousin through a bank. He (Yang Suxun) said that he had applied for the highest standard of state subsidy for us, 200,000 yuan. Shi Xianglin said.

After Li Pings liver and kidney were donated, some people transferred 200,000 yuan to their families through the bank. Respondents Map

Intervention by the Central Steering Group resulted in the arrest of six medical staff

Shi Xianglin said that in June 2018, he reported the matter to the health administration, which had visited Huaiyuan County Peoples Hospital for investigation. Yang Suxun once gave him 460,000 yuan sealing fee through an intermediary, but he told the investigators the same day that the matter was true.

In April 2019, the 14th Supervisory Group of the Central Anti-gangster and Evil Elimination was stationed in Anhui Province, and the 2nd Group of the 14th Supervisory Group was stationed in Bengbu City. Shi Xianglin said that he went to Bengbu to find the staff of the supervisory group with the materials after he got the news, reflecting the relevant situation.

On the wall of the corridor outside the ICU of Huaiyuan County Peoples Hospital, there are propaganda materials of Dr. Yang Suxun. Pengchao journalist Zhu Yuanxiangtu

Yang Suxun, who was born in Huaiyuan County in 1950, worked in surgery and ICU of Huaiyuan County Peoples Hospital successively, and was a deputy chief physician. On August 8, Peng Meis journalists saw Yang Suxuns photos and resumes hanging on the wall in the corridor outside the ICU of Huaiyuan County Peoples Hospital.

Shao Nanhui, General Secretary of the Party branch of Huaiyuan County Peoples Hospital, told Pengcheng News that after Yang Suxun was taken away by the public security, he no longer served as director of the hospitals ICU. We are just cooperating with the investigation, and the specific situation is not clear yet.

On August 13, the case handlers of the Peoples Procuratorate of Huaiyuan County introduced to the surging news that in May this year, the Public Security Bureau of Huaiyuan County transferred six suspects in the case for examination and arrest. We approved the arrest of six suspects on suspicion of insulting the corpse. Among the suspects arrested were Yang Suxun.

Peng Mei News learned from the Huaiyuan County Public Security Bureau and Shi Xianglins attorneys deputy office that the six suspects in this case were medical staff, and the other five were from hospitals in Nanjing, except Yang Suxun. At present, the case is still at the stage of investigation.

Regarding the criminal suspects charges, Shi Xianglin believed that the people involved not only insulted the corpse in the process of extracting organs, but also suspected of organizing the crime of selling human organs. If there is no business, how can hundreds of thousands of people come to our families?

According to the provisions of the Criminal Law of China, those who commit the crime of insulting the corpse shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance; those who commit the crime of organizing and selling human organs shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years and a fine, if the circumstances are serious, to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years, and shall also be fined or confiscated

A staff member surnamed Li from the Medical Administration and Medical Management Department of Huaiyuan County Health and Health Commission told Peng Mei News that after the conclusion of the investigation is reached, the health administrative department will impose administrative penalties on the doctors involved according to the nature of the judicial organs.