Over 80percent of Night Economic Belts Tourist Performing Arts Project Loss and Earnings

 Over 80percent of Night Economic Belts Tourist Performing Arts Project Loss and Earnings

However, hundreds of millions of investment in tourism and entertainment projects are also facing the pressure of cost recovery and profit, as well as the contradiction between pursuing high passenger flow and high artistic reputation. How to solve it?

Tourism Performing Arts Blowout

The growth of entertainment-related equipment also reflects the prosperity of the tourism entertainment market.

At the press conference in the first quarter of this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism mentioned that from 2013 to 2017, the number of tourist entertainment shows in China increased from 187 to 268, an increase of 43%; the number of tourist entertainment audience increased from 27.89 million to 68.21 million, an increase of 14.5%; the box office revenue increased from 2.26 billion yuan to 5.15 billion yuan, an increase of 128%.

Demand is rising and supply is following up quickly. In 2019, a number of Tourism Performing Arts projects have announced the start of construction and opening. Recently, the enthusiasm of Zhangjiajie Eternal Affection which opened in Songcheng at the end of June has not faded. In July, the large-scale epic performing arts Tongguanyao Legend of Changsha Tongguanyao ancient town, and the first Taisha launched in Danxiakou tourist town of Zhangye, Gansu province, were welcomed. Show Huidao Zhangye. At the end of July, Mirror SHOW Vivid Lotus, Guilins long-standing tourist attraction, finally revealed that construction would begin in August and begin in the first half of 2020.

Under the background of the integration of culture and tourism, the support of the policy makes the scenic spots and theme parks pay more attention to performing arts. In March, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the first Circular on Guiding Opinions for Promoting the Development of Tourism Performing Arts. In April, the Circular of 7 Departments Jointly Promote the Recommendation of Optimum Culture and Tourism Investment and Financing Projects, Tourism Performing Arts were prominently in the fields of declaration and priority support.

In the domestic tourist entertainment market, tourist entertainment + scenic spot-theme Park seems to be a standard match. From Yangshuos Impression of Liu Sanjie in Guilin to the Song of Everlasting Hatred in Xian, the ancient capital, to the Zhiyin Number in Wuhan, tourism performance has undergone changes from live performance to theatre and then to immersion performance, and has also undergone a period of development from one to many. Han Jintao, director of the Performing Arts Department of Beijing Beit Shengdi Technology Development Co., Ltd., believes that the Tourism Performing Arts are now in a blowout stage. According to the data of Anxin Business Association, the number of new tourism performances in the mature and stable period (2015-2018) is 58, with an average annual investment of 2.013 billion yuan.

The Profit Problem to Be Solved

Many tourist performances have been launched vigorously with the aura of high investment, but their development is different from each other. Wanda invested in the Han Xiu left the stage gloomily, but the Songcheng performing arts began to replicate in different places, and developed in Lijiang, Zhangjiajie, Sanya and other places. In the view of industry experts, the polarization of revenue reflects that there are still some problems worthy of attention in Tourism Performing arts.

Profitability is first and foremost an insurmountable barrier. Yang Rong, a famous director and planner, disclosed that more than 80% of current tourism performances are losing money, making no more than 3% of profits.

Tourism performance is a business card in tourism. Yang Rong believes that tourism performance itself is a big investment and difficult to recycle, so it should play a key role in the whole tourism industry chain.

Zhou Lixin, deputy dean of Creative College of Beijing Dance Academy, also told reporters that if only by ticket income, tourism performance is difficult to return to the original, it must be as an integral part of the scenic area, profit from catering and other aspects.

High investment also made some projects difficult to produce. According to public reports, Zhangjiajies Dayong Ancient City is difficult to land because of financial problems.

Technology may bring a turnaround? Han Jintao believes that technical problems should be used to solve the problem of fewer or no actors at present. The development of technology can make up for the relatively high human cost in the investment of performing arts, and then solve the problem of investment and financing.

Tao Kai, a partner of Shenzhen Shuhu Image Co., Ltd., proposed that a good tourism performance should first think about what kind of natural environment you have; think about what kind of tourism curve you want to build; and then excavate stories, history and culture from the land and consumers. This is also the consensus of many experts. Successful performances must rely on beautiful natural scenery and use nature + humanities to attract tourists.

There is a contradiction between interactive entertainment and high traffic. Tao Kai said that tourism performances should be clearly positioned, which consumers are watching, blindly pursuing the increase of passenger flow will also destroy consumersexperience.

Zhou Lixin also expressed similar views to reporters. Some of the more profitable tourism performances are aimed at the general public, but their works do not meet the industry standards.

Qugao and few are not conducive to attracting the publics favor, thus affecting the passenger flow; but blindly to the taste of the standard public consumers is easy to flow into the same quality, lack of innovation, and will reach the ceiling of the passenger flow in the long run.

Within a few years, tourism shows will be standardized. Han Jintao believes that the common characteristics of the current compact schedule of the show have led to the reversal of the end of the creative process. Creativity has given way to technology and dance beauty. However, the current development enthusiasm will drive tourism performance to 80% standard and 20% innovative Songcheng performance mode.

Source: Yang Qian_NF4425, Responsible Editor of Economic Report in the 21st Century