Looking at Huang Xiaomings performance in the Chinese restaurant, I found that these three sentences should not be said easily.

 Looking at Huang Xiaomings performance in the Chinese restaurant, I found that these three sentences should not be said easily.

Look at the comments of netizens are similar, some of Huangs practices are really uncomfortable, there are several classic sections of the bridge would like to let people uncover the pole.

We are not Chef Qin Hailu Yang Ziwang Junkailin, but anyone who hears similar words in life will jump. We suggest that everyone take a look at the negative textbooks and learn to speak well, especially the following two words are not easy to say.

Listen to me. I have the final say.

If you have experienced a very strict family education or a very unreasonable leader, you must be familiar with a sentence, that is, Listen to me.

The phrase listen to me contains all arbitrariness and disdain. Even if the suggestion is correct, anyone will feel uncomfortable if they listen to it, let alone Huangs phrase listen to me is totally unreasonable.

When the Chinese restaurant opened, all the employees opposed to making a set meal, but the store manager Huang Xiaoming still insisted on his set meal plan.

The next day, Mr. Huang took us to a meeting and put forward a plan to change the double meal into a single meal. The reason was, What if someone comes to dinner?

The solution offered by Chef Lin is reasonable, but Huang Xiaomings response is resolute: No, I still listen to it this time.

Chef Lin once again proposed to cancel the package. Wang Junkai and Qin Hailu did not hesitate to agree with this proposal.

Shouldnt Huang Xiaoming listen to your thoughts at this time? Do you really think everyone is drunk and I wake up alone?

He has the final say, listen to me, I have the final say, and this matter needs no discussion. If we all has the final say, we can not get to listen to me.

Collective decision-making, of course, can only be subordinated to one result, but the result should not be to listen to someone, but to listen to the more reasonable decision-making.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of Huangdian Director, there is no such word as discussion, but only obedience.

Of course, he is a shopkeeper, he has more power to let others listen to him when making decisions, but this kind of obedience should not be compromised to the role of shopkeeper, but be accepted by everyone with reasonable logic and explanation.

This listen to me has become Huang Xiaomings constant command, as long as there is part of his communication with employees, you will hear this sentence.

Everybody tastes the following paragraph, All done, no matter how many sets, listen to me.

He does not give the other party a chance to speak at all. In short, he is qualified to express himself.

If you just say listen to me orally, it may also be interpreted as personal language style, but behind Huang Xiaomings listen to me, there is no respect for every employee.

In his heart, he always felt that he was right and could not listen to others.

When discussing whether to make a set meal or not, experienced chef Lin said that the set-up was unreasonable. Huang Xiaoming did not respond specifically, but said, I dont think this is a problem.

Wang Junkai also said, We shouldnt make a set meal. Our suggestion is to order it directly. Yang Zi nodded and agreed. Qin Hailu looked directly at Huangs shop manager. At this time, how did Huang Xiaoming respond?

He looked thoughtful on his cheeks and frowns, but never mentioned the setting of the set meal. He began to retake the customers attitude.

Excuseme? Grownup, whats the rationality of the package?

Huang Xiaoming did not give any reason to persuade people, because behind all his listen to me, there is a logic that only I am right.

There is a self-confident and convincing reason for the hegemonic president to listen to me, but Huang Xiaomings listen to me is more like an arbitrary tyrant.

In life, no matter where you are or what role you play, you seldom open your mouth like him and listen to me.

This sentence does not highlight how capable and responsible you are. On the contrary, it only makes people feel that you are controlling and incompetent, because only incompetent people will use authority to oppress others.

Its my fault, okay?

Although Huang Xiaoming always felt right in his heart, he tried to show his enlightenment, democracy and righteousness.

In another part, he met with staff to discuss the problem of serving too slowly. He criticized Chef Lin for his great responsibility and told him that Chef Lin should let two assistants share the responsibility.

This suggestion is correct, but Chef Lin explained that the two assistants were not familiar with the situation when Huang Xiaoming took the initiative to say, My fault is my fault, okay?

Huang Xiaomings problem is really to blame for this. He misestimated the reception ability of the restaurant and went to the door to solicit business before the formal opening hours of the restaurant, which led to the guests waiting too long. But is Huang Xiaoming really wrong?

Lovers quarrel most often hear this sentence, one side is grieving and crying, hoping that the other side can recognize their mistakes, but the other side does not really feel that they have problems, just want to hurry to the end, so quickly throw out a sentence My fault, okay?.

Think that saying Im wrong can make everything go smoothly, but who cant hear the voice of Im wrong?

Isnt that synonymous with you dont make trouble, but I dont care about you?

When you really realize that you are wrong, you will not ask each other good or bad or no, but will really sort out where the inventory is wrong and what solutions are available.

But Huang Xiao obviously wasnt. At the end of the paragraph, Im wrong, okay?, he immediately turned aside and started discussing other topics.

Its not just in Chinese restaurants that he has such communication habits. In a variety show, Angelababy was asked what he disliked most about Huang Xiaomings words.

Before AB answered, he smiled and said to Xiaoming, You will never know. Because he definitely thought that he said that I particularly like to listen to.Huang Xiaoming guessed thatyou are all right, but was rejected by AB.

The real answer is exactly the same as what Huang Xiaoming said in the Chinese restaurant, AB said:

Every time he has a conflict with him, he will perfunctorily say to me,Its all my fault. Then Ill ask him, do you know where youre wrong? Then he was silent.

Huang Xiaoming, who has been exposed, is still explaining the meaning of this sentence on the spot. As a result, he is questioned by AB. Whats wrong with you? If you understand what you are wrong, you can correct it.

Huang Xiaoming revealed his real idea: Sometimes I am not wrong about the problem.

A person who doesnt think hes wrong, but says Its my fault in an impatient tone, is refusing to communicate and solve problems.

It is advisable to admit mistakes, but if we want to end our differences with perfunctory acceptance and cover up the problems, this kind of communication will only make our differences wider and deeper.

I dont want you to feel, I want me to feel.

Xiao Ming Ge really carries out the so-called hegemonic president from beginning to end. He has to listen to him in his work and he feels in private.

After Yang Zis hand was injured, Xiao Ming Ge would take Yang Zi to the hospital. Yang Zi said, I dont think its a problem with my hand.

Truth be told, if this is a hegemonic general novel, it may also be very useful, a bit hegemonic warmth, but in real life who wants to speak like that, I will immediately turn my eyes white:

Its not a play, its a life!

Lets not say Yang Zi is just a cooperative friend. This sentence has some ambiguous meaning with friends. Even if its really a couple relationship, it makes people feel uncomfortable.

Its good to care about Yang Zis injuries and hope she gets better as soon as possible. But shouldnt all be based on Yang Zis feelings?

The most fearful thing in life is to meet such a person, forcibly sympathize with you, think that you understand your feelings and pain, so self-righteously arrange everything, which in essence does not respect other peoples listen to me.

Tucao goes to Tucao, Xiaoming brother also has something to do in the program. For example, when choosing a room, leave the smallest one to yourself, and also consider the safety of the lodging of the girl.

He has something that can make people feel like spring breeze, but his way of expression and male chauvinism in his bones are too much for him to score.

Really, dont talk too Huang Xiaoming, learn to respect other peoples ideas and feelings, calm and solve problems, without the power of the hegemonic president, dont show off the power of the hegemonic president.