Comment on the Success of Naju: Understanding the Cultural Blood is More Important than Flow Capital

 Comment on the Success of Naju: Understanding the Cultural Blood is More Important than Flow Capital

Ugly and ugly Nazha caters to the publics curiosity mentality in the Internet age, killing a way out in the era of traffic king, but it would be naive to think that ugly people can become net red. We might as well learn about the birth process of Ugly Nazar. It is said that the new version of Nazhas image design has more than one hundred versions, which were negated by the director Jiaozi. Dumplings always feel not tasty enough, but still a bit weak. Finally, Dumpling made a self-portrait and decided to make an ugly dumpling. Designers let go of their hands and feet to have the present version of smoky makeup. In fact, the director already has a ugly concept in mind, but there is no specific image. But the man in his mind has already made his mark: loneliness, sensitivity, longing, rebellion, stubbornness, perseverance... The reason why Na Nis image wants to break down prejudices and find a new way is that he carries the directors unique emotion and imagination. The spiritual world projected on him is the source of the charm of ugliness.

A little understanding of Dumplings personal experience, we will find that the directors life experience is also on his body. Dumpling was changed from medicine to animation. It took many detours and was prejudiced by many prejudices. He choked his breath to do a good job of animation. The spiritual theme of Nezha is what he most wanted to show. The adaptation of parent-child relationship in Naju is also a reflection of Dumplings life experience. The tolerance and guardianship of devil boy by Li Jing and his wife is the portrayal of Dumplings parents. Dumpling is frank, without the selfless support of parents, it is impossible to pursue their dreams. It can be said that in a prejudiced world, dumplings are the backbone of parentslove.

Obviously, Nezhas spiritual world is rooted in the directors real life. The loneliness, sensitivity, longing, rebellion, stubbornness and perseverance of the director are not the imagination of the directors whim, nor the inspiration of the moment. They are all the directors life experience and life experience. It is the common sense of literary and artistic creation that works reflect the authors real life. However, in the era when traffic is king, people are always superstitious of traffic stars, infatuated with technological capital, lost in sensationalism and innovation. The simple law of realistic creation is often forgotten. Therefore, when the audience is fond of the ugliness of Nazha, and when the audience is still infatuated with the gorgeous special effects, we should objectively point out the realistic factors of the success of Nazha. The success of Nazao is not due to ugliness, but to the life world of Ugly Nazao.

The ugly life world is still a realist world. Parent-child relationship, friendship between teachers and students, couples kindness, friendship, and the traditional relationship between kindred and constant constitute the life world of Naju. Dumplings world outlook is actually very traditional and realistic. Rooted in the traditional ethical relationship, the character character develops dramatic conflicts in different ethical relationships, and becomes a complex model, avoiding the common Facebook trap in animated cartoons. Therefore, the characters in Nazha are all flesh and blood, vivid and convincing even though they have been drastically adapted. It is in the conflict with Li Jing and his wife, Taiyi Zhenren, Ao Bing and villagersneighbours that the character of disobeying ones destiny gradually develops and takes shape. Dare to be brave, sentimental and meaningful, the audience likes is this strength, this taste. Imagine how the power and taste of I cant help but be fated will behave without the directors life world.

In fact, with the development of animation production technology, world outlook design is the most important part of commercial animation creation. Because only under the guidance of the appropriate world outlook, can animation characters have the right life world and develop convincing typical personality. A close look at the relationship between the world outlook of the Universal Architecture of Manway Movies and the role design will show us how the heroes of the Avenger Alliance achieved success. The success of Nezha also proves this truth. Heroes cant just be independent ips. Heroes should be heroes who grow up in the world of life. The height of heroic growth depends on the height of world outlook. Chinese cultural tradition never lacks heroes, but Chinese animated films are difficult to grow up to be box office heroes. Isnt that why we have long neglected our own traditions? Without understanding their own cultural veins, without their own world outlook, dwarf life world naturally can not create the heroic temperament that can conquer peoples hearts. It is more important than flow, technology and capital to take root in reality and understand our own cultural veins. She needs us to be more confident, more skilled and more conscious to inherit and develop. This is the most enlightening point of realism in Nazha.

(Originally titled Qinian Wentan: Understanding your own cultural blood is something more eternal than traffic stars and technological capital --- Also on the realist factors behind the success of Naju)

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Han Chong_NBJ11345